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Interesting Information: Vitamin B12 Deficiency

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Interesting Information:  December 8, 2013

Vitamin B12 Deficiency


My father’s body stopped being able to use the B12 vitamin in his later years–which is a malabsorption issue.

He got B12 shots, but he slipped into dementia (not Alzheimers) anyway a few years later.

The Spring 2013 issue of The Weston A. Price Foundation’s journal Wise Traditions, Nutrition and Behavior, discusses at length the connections between human violence and other behavioral issues and the lack of nutrients–vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and so forth.

Sylvia Onusic, PhD. CNS, LDN, in “Violent Behavior:  A Solution in Plain Sight” (Wise Traditions, Spring 2013) discusses the lack of B12.

Here’s the link:  http://www.westonaprice.org/environmental-toxins/violent-behavior-a-solution-in-plain-sight

Here’s what Onusic said about the lack of B12:

Vitamin B12 deficiency has a well-known correlation with mental disorders, including irrational anger.  A higher incidence of low B12 is found in mental patients than in the general population.  Deficiencies cause mental symptoms ranging from poor concentration, depression and severe agitation to hallucinations [citation here].  Deficiencies are caused by pernicious anemia, an autoimmune condition; they are also found in vegetarians and vegans, those with low animal protein intake, and individuals with leaky gut.  Drugs including anesthetics can deplete B12 [citation here].

My dad, as I said above, had some sort of malabsorption going on.  He was thin as a rail though my mother, a great cook, fed him very well.  He took a boat load of drugs for allergies and asthma.  (We know now that most food allergies and asthma can be associated with foods and an impaired immune system–not to mention all the chemicals washing over our world these days.  My dad lived across the road from an agricultural field that held skull-and-crossbones signs at its four corners.)  He probably had leaky gut…

Anyway, this article is interesting…

And gives us a lot of information to contemplate.



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  1. Louisa – thank you for the post on B12. I would add that there are two types of over the counter B12. One is
    cyanocobalamin and the other is methylcobalamiin. The first is synthetic and uses the cyanide molecule and leaves it to the liver to detoxify whereas the methy is a natural substance.

    The cyanocobalamin is more readily available in different doses and is usually less expensive. The Methyl version should be used in increments of 1000 mcg but is usually only available (if at all) in 3000 mcg dose. Other than one being synthetic and the other a natural substance, there is relatively little information available on the implications of the different chemical compositions. But for me the use of a natural substance rather than something based on the cyanide molecule is quite easy. So I have switched. It seems the methylcobalmin is better absorbed by the body

    Look forward to your comment.

    Richard Maynard

    December 9, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    • Hi Richard. I’m sorry I have not responded sooner. I have been really busy with our local quilting group’s annual Christmas party. And, I just got a MAC, which is a big new thing for me to learn. I will have to start with this very strange looking font!!! I guess my first question on the B12 is why aren’t you just eating red meat? Is there an absorption problem? If so, I’d try to find a good ND or nutritionist to try to figure out why. Or, in your area, a GAPS practitioner. Given your information on B12 supplementation, I have no idea what to say. Maybe it would be a good idea to take a look at what Weston Price has to say about B12. They are not big on supplementation as they argue that your body does not recognize and can’t use readily supplements AND that if you do it wrong, you can set off a domino effect where your body grabs other nutrients to try to process an overload/underload of the one you’re trying to use. As to “natural” substance, what exactly does that mean? My understanding is that the only B12 that our bodies can use readily comes in red meat… Let me know if you find different information that is useful. Bear in mind that vegans are arguing that B12 is made by bacteria and can be used from those sources. I don’t honestly know, but I am choosing to fall back on traditional diets as there is a history there that extends for thousands of years. And earlier people (and I remember this well in my life) simply did not have the levels of cancer and heart disease that people today do.


      December 14, 2013 at 6:12 pm

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