Turkey Tracks: “Grand Illusion” Quilt Revealed

Turkey Tracks:  January 2, 2014

“Grand Illusion” Quilt Revealed

Well, I have my answer.



is going to turn into a version of THIS:


That’s Bonnie with her Dad at Thanksgiving.

And, here’s the computer version Bonnie Hunter posted:


Bonnie Hunter is ONE TALENTED WOMAN!!!

I can’t wait to sew my blocks together.

But I have to get THIS off the design wall first:

(Sorry, blurry photo, but you get the idea.  This is a version of Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trips…which is on her website.)


And THIS off the long arm so I can push it back against the wall:


Here’s a close-up:


Grandson Kelly fell in love with this backing fabric when we went to a sale at Alewives Quilt Shop in Nobleboro, Maine, last summer.  Here’s a shot of it from the rear of the longarm:



I’m using the Bishop’s Fan Groovy Boards and an old gold colored thread that is puuuurfect.

Both of these quilts are being made from my 2 1/2-inch strips, a stash method taught by Bonnie Hunter.  The bin is about halfway down now…Yeah!

I’m going to use them in my downstairs room rather than the blankets and dog-covers I have now.  They’ll be loved and washed.


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