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Turkey Tracks: Last Night’s Snow

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Turkey Tracks:  January 31, 2015

Last Night’s Snow

It snowed all day off and on yesterday–except when it rained–which produced an icy slush on the walkway and drive.

I cancelled meetings rather than take what started feeling like unnecessary trips down my driveway.  Down is one thing with that driveway.  Up is entirely another matter.

I realized I was stressed, so decided to call it a day.

The snow started sticking last night as the temps fell.

Here’s what it all looks like now–bearing in mind that the 25 to 30 inches of the last storm went down with the warmer temps.

From the front porch, after the shovelers came.  It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the depth after shoveling is three feet or more.



Another view of the front porch out to the woods:


And a shot of the path to the driveway and garage:


I woke in the night thinking that I was smelling a chemical order.  Had the propane vents been covered by a drift?  So at 3 a.m., I donned boots, coat, mittens, got the big flashlight, and checked.  No, the vent was fine.

Almost every night, our nightly news tells a story of a family magically saved by the intervention of someone who has rescued them from the out vents of the house being blocked…

The rest of the night was spent in deep sleep…

I got out my big boots to get to the chickens this morning as I knew getting into the chicken coop was going to be a problem with all the new snoe:


These big boots are heavenly to wear!

It has stopped snowing now, but another big storm is coming in on Monday.

I started a beef bone broth yesterday–can you smell the French Onion Soup that will be made soon?


Look at the color of that broth.  You can’t get that out of a box or can…

Written by louisaenright

January 31, 2015 at 1:10 pm

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