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Poems: “Our Winter of 2015”

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Poems:  February 4, 2015

I asked Jeanine Gervais, who lives in the northern Boston area, which has also been slammed with snow, to write a poem about winter for the blog.

Note:  a “snow farms,” I just learned are the places (like empty parking lots) where cities/towns are putting snow to get it off the streets.

Our Winter of 2015


By Jeanine H. Gervais…inspired by my friend, Louisa P. Enright


It has been snowing for years now

or so it seems

The sky a milky white

warns us

more to come.

Blankets of snow will silence everything.


There is no escape:

TV weathermen with anxious voices reminding us

of record snow fall…school closings…stay off roads

sand and plow trucks have been deployed.


Why do they broadcast TV newsmen

on top of snow mounds,

then too breathless to give reports,

like we need to see snow mounds

we have the real thing.

We have our own snow farms, too.


It takes 15 minutes to put on four layers

the windchill factor minus 17 degrees

to find the mailbox glued shut

but it doesn’t matter because mailmen who deliver in rain, sleet, and snow,

don’t.  I miss my mail.

The Boston Globe newspaper tube

a frozen cannoli,

glare ice hides

under baby-powder snow.

I hear the roofs heave,

salt is eating my car.


Friends from Florida and Arizona

send emails

with cute remarks

but that’s okay,

we can take it.

We had to jump off merry-go-rounds,

such a gift.


February 2, 2015

Written by louisaenright

February 4, 2015 at 10:39 am

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