Turkey Tracks: Stephen Pennoyer: Snow Removal and Pour Over Coffee Stands

Turkey Tracks:  February 9, 2015

Stephen Pennoyer:

Snow Removal and Pour Over Coffee Stands


Stephen called me yesterday afternoon and said “how about a cup of coffee?  You put on the water, and I’ll be up in five minutes.”

We had talked about his making a pour over coffee stand for my pour over cup some time back when he was working here.

This kind of stand lets you see how much liquid is going into your coffee cup without having to lift up the pour over cup.

Stephen came in with three different ones he had been designing.  He had a tall one for a tall mug or for a taller portable coffee cup.  He had a fancy one of about medium height.  And he had this one, which I liked best for my coffee cup.  (Why, oh why didn’t I take pics of the other two?)  Here’s how the stand works, though there is no cone filter or coffee in the filter.




In this pic you can see how the coffee will drip through the hole and into your cup.



Stephen is such a fine craftsman.  I love to see what he makes.

I hope he offers these stands (and more) for sale in some of our local coffee places.

Wouldn’t a gift basket/bundle of one of these stands (he could make them long with several holes too), the pour over cup (or cups), the cone filters, and some coffee make a great gift?  If you are making pour over coffee for two people, it’s much faster to have two cups.

I challenge you to google amazon to see what they are charging for pour over coffee stands.  It’s unbelievable and just plain crazy!!!  Would people really pay this much for one of these stands???

Stephen looked around at all my snow and said I’m going home and getting the snow blower a neighbor lent me.  I’ll be right back.  The next thing I knew, he had made big wide paths around my house and had cleared three feet of snow from the top of the hot tub and cleared the snow around it so I can actually open the lid again.



Stephen is a very, very special friend!  He’s an angel in my life.

His mother, Mary Sue Bishop is pretty nice too.


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One thought on “Turkey Tracks: Stephen Pennoyer: Snow Removal and Pour Over Coffee Stands”

  1. That’s amazing. I’d love to buy one from Stephen. His are so much nicer than the insanely priced on Amazon Prime. So glad he helped you clear the snow off your hot tub too. Now you can enjoy watching it snow from your hot tub again.

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