Interesting Information/Vaccines: Why I’m Putting Up Vaccine Posts

Interesting Information/Vaccines:  May 6, 2015

Why I’m Putting Up Vaccine Posts

The vaccine issue is big and it’s complex.

The mainstream media does not cover it well or fairly.

Myth, not science, permeates this issue.

I can break this issue into TWO big parts:  vaccine efficacy/danger/unintended consequences AND the civil right of a sovereign individual to make his/her own informed choice about what gets put into his/her own body or the body of his/her child.

What I’m trying to do is to create a body of posts that will enable people to follow my links to reputable information from reputable people.  All of which means some of you are hearing much more about vaccines on this blog than you want.  Be patient.  I have about five more posts, and then I’m done.  More or less done.

Anyone who wants more information than they are going to get from the press or their doctor will have a place to go to explore and to thoughtfully think through this issue.

What you do with the information is your own business.

But I need to be able to sleep at night, and that means I have to share what I have read/researched that I think is important for anyone to consider.

Vaccines can and do cause harm for some people more than others–although there are no long-term studies targeted toward seeing ALL the outcomes of vaccines and no studies comparing vaccinated/unvaccinated people.  The Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are unavoidably dangerous–which is why no one can sue the vaccine makers/industry.  Or, the docs who give vaccines.  So, before you start down any vaccine path, take a deep breath and inform yourself before consenting to a practice that can permanently harm for life.

How many folks are being hurt?  We have no idea as the VARS reporting system does not work.


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3 thoughts on “Interesting Information/Vaccines: Why I’m Putting Up Vaccine Posts”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your efforts to inform people about the dangers of vaccines. Those of us that are non-proponents are in the minority and susceptible to being criticized for making our (informed) decisions. Most people blindly go ahead, trusting their doctors…

  2. You’re brave. This is one issue I feel strongly about, but have been unwilling to address on my blog, which is mainly about MCS. Not sure my nervous system could handle the negative backlash. I’ve seen the vitriol hurled at others and have experienced it myself from friends and doctors, and it can be brutal. Thanks for your courage!

    1. So far, no trolls on the blog. They can’t get in, really, since I can block their replies. I do post to FB, and they could start there. My feeling is that I am a trained researcher/writer and that I have an obligation to research and write and share. People can ignore, or they can read and make up their own minds. I’m betting that if they read what I’m putting up, they will start to question what they are being told and they will “get” the power of the market in America today. But thanks for reading and for your comment; it encourages me.

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