Interesting Information: The Foreskin: Big Business

Interesting Information:  May 9, 2015

The Foreskin:  Big Business


Who knew…

This one takes “follow the money” to a new level…

Here’s a quote from the Living Whole blog, whose author did a bit of research:

(Thanks to niece Nancy for this follow-up post.)


In case you weren’t aware, the CDC for the first time ever, is issuing federal guidelines on circumcision. You see, Christians are realizing that you don’t need to chop off a part of the penis to be saved; parents in general are questioning a long-held practice that serves no useful purpose and leaves many boys who undergo the procedure disfigured (if you assume circumcision in and of itself doesn’t disfigure); and the rate of circumcision is down to 58% in the United States and they’re running out of foreskins to use in high-end cosmetics, face creams, medical products, and cosmetic testing.

Whoa, you didn’t know that baby foreskin is big business?

One baby foreskin can produce $100,000 worth of fibroblasts that can be used in all sorts of anti-aging goodies. The bio-medical and pharmaceutical companies rely specifically on the foreskins from infants to create medical products like insulin and interferon, skin grafts, eyelids, and other skin care treatments.


The CDC Says, Circumcise Your Sons – Living Whole.

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