Turkey Tracks: October 2016 Quilting Update

Turkey Tracks:  October 6, 2015

October 2015 Quilting Update

I seem to be working on about 7 quilts–three using the 4-patch blocks I spent the summer making.

The tumbler quilt is off Lucy the longarm and is ready to be bound.

The Coastal Quilter’s 2016 challenge quilt is ready to be bound.  That’s a little guy–16 inches square, with 16 pieces, and using one set of opposites on the color wheel.

The two quilts that are emerging fast though are these bright and happy darlings–both using Bonnie Hunter blocks from Quiltmaker magazine:  Criss Cross and Carolina Crossing.


Carolina Chain:  I saw this quilt completed on the Bonnie Hunter FB site in regular, not bright, scraps, and I loved it on sight.  I’ll make this one twin size.  Love the bright happy colors.


Criss Cross.  I think I want to make this a medallion quilt with these blocks as the center.  I’m going to go to a border of white fabric with tiny dark blue stars next and then build out from there.  Not sure which block I’ll use next.  If it gets too wide, I’ll just extend on the ends???



I think these two quilts want to be companion quilts, and I know two little girls who are getting a new, shared bedroom in the near future.  One of them does not have a “big girl” bed quilt from me.


Turkey Tracks: “Bee Beauty” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  October 6, 2015

“Bee Beauty” Quilt

I finished the “Bee Beauty” Quilt.

I have so loved working on it.

You may recall that I spent the summer making light/dark 4-patch blocks out of my 2-inch square scrap bin.  Here’s one use of those four patches.  There were about 6000 squares in that bin, and I wound up with about 1600 4-patch blocks.

You may also recall that this block is a Bonnie Hunter block–as she designed a quilt using this block for the American Patchwork and Quilting 2015 scrappy challenge–using 4-patch blocks.  (Bonnie’s web site is at quiltville.com.)

This pic of the quilt is not great, but I have fallen in love with it and will save it for a grandchild.


Here is a block.  I quilted with limey green thread with the “Lovely” pantograph by Denise Schillenger.


The backing fabric I’ve had for a long time, and I’m pleased with how it worked with the front of this quilt.  I chose the dark purples and limey greens from the backing fabric:


The backing has a strip of this block to make up for not having enough of the backing fabric.


Here’s a corner so you can see the binding and border fabrics:


It’s just such a fun, lively quilt:


I like it so much I’m going to make it with a cheddar background:


I can see red sashing, I think.  Mercy!!


Turkey Tracks: Play Day in Damariscotta: Aboca Beads

Turkey Tracks:  October 6, 2015

Play Day in Damariscotta:  Aboca Beads

Last Thursday a friend and I enjoyed a play day in Damariscotta.

We had lunch, made some jewelry at Aboca Beads, got a coffee and some new books at the book store, visited a women’s clothing store, and wound up by going by Alewives Quilting Shop in Damariscotta Mills.  It was such a fun day.

Aboca Beads is such a fun store.  Whenever I have time, I love to go in and make some earrings.  Owner Patricia Palmer is always so helpful and fun.

Here’s Patricia, who cheerfully makes my combinations into fun earrings:


This trip, I made two pairs of earrings for a fraction of what I would have spent if I had bought them.


Here’s a view of one part of the store:


These tins are full of such interesting stones, beads, crystals, metal pieces, etc.  I think I am at least part hunterer/gatherer as I really love gathering up bits of things–nuts, berries, garden veggies, stones/shells, etc.


Look at these gorgeous crystals:


There are always assortments of stones and other materials with which to make pendents:


And of course, dozens of ways to make necklaces.

My friend made an adorable little ladybug necklace for her granddaughter, that when finished will just fit around her tiny neck without much overhang to catch in her hands or other activities:



Look at the pearl necklaces below my earrings:


And look how pretty Patricia packages what her customers have made:




What a fun day we had!