Turkey Tracks: New Black Winter Boots

Turkey Tracks:  January

New Black Winter Boots

For a while there, I was thinking that we had no snow because I treated my self to a new pair of winter boots in the early fall.

You know how that thinking goes…

But, I can now say with the recent snow and cold that the new boots are beyond delightful!  Easy to put on, roomy in the foot, warm and warm, and comfortable to wear.




I got them at Renys, which is a Maine store chain.

You never know what you’ll find in Renys, which is part of the adventure of going there.  But you can always count on sturdy shoes and boots at a fair price.

Speaking of the recent cold, temps will go back up again next week.  Winter events, like ice fishing, are postponing to February as the ice is just not safe yet.

It’s an interesting winter this year…


PS:  These boots replaced a pair that were 20+ years old and that are too tight up here in Maine with thick wool socks.  It was time…

Unfortunately, worn out boots do not recycle, repurpose, reuse…


Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

4 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: New Black Winter Boots”

  1. Hello Louisa. Are those Uggs? I bought a pair of imitation Uggs at Marden’s a few years ago. They don’t have as much fur inside as yours and are not very warm. Yours look so warm and cozy. You need them more than I do. It is COLD but no chickens to feed here. Stay warm.

    1. Bearpaws. LOVE THEM. I have a brown leather pair of Uggs that I inherited from someone who decided they didn’t fit. I like them too, but I like these better. Less upkeep. Warm fuzzy insides. No chickens here either, and I do miss them. Friend Rose is redoing her chicken house, and she is looking at birds for a new flock. I will enjoy them through her.

      1. I must have dozed off when you posted (if you did) about giving away the chickens. More time for quilting. My friend lives in Hampden, ME and this is her first winter in a long time without chickens. In her case more time for knitting.

        Enjoy every minute. Keep blogging.


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