Turkey Tracks: Alewives Quilting Visit

Turkey Tracks:  June 4, 2016

Alewives Quilting Visit

I made a run to Alewives on Friday.

And I fell in love with this sample quilt:



I love everything about it.  The color palette, a way to use small pieces of fabrics (my crumbs, my crumbs), the quilting, the graphic nature of the quilt.  I could go on…

There’s a pattern, of course.  You can see it pinned to the quilt.  And Alewives is easy to contact, and they ship.

Maybe I have to go back…

I finished another “quilt-let.”  (Katja Marek’s quilt-along project–and I am slowly catching up.)  There is a hexagon at the center of this one.  I’m wishing I’d done it in the lime green of the fabric…  Oh well.


Here’s block 41 of the Farmer’s Wives blocks.  I’m trying to keep the pace of two a week going.  So, I need to make another one for this week, and I’ve almost finished it.  this one is called “Granny” I think.  Simple, but complex too.  That’s a good Granny.


I wish that I could send you the perfume that is filling my yard.  Lilac, petunia, and much more that is fragrant.  It’s a spectacular lilac year this year.



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