Interesting Information: “On Being Right and Eating Animals”

Interesting Information:  June 5, 2016

“On Being Right and Eating Animals”:  Dr. Kelly Brogan

Here’s a lovely piece:  food for thought, for sure…

If it is one thing the discovery of the microbiome is revealing, it’s that we all have very different workings inside, depending upon the health of our microbiome and the chemistry of each of our particular systems at the moment.

There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL way to eat as a result.

So, what’s behind the attempt to control what everyone else eats?  Fear, maybe, fear of not being in good health, of loss of control in other areas of life, of risk of something new, etc.

I personally believe there are some foods that fuel most of us in healthy ways, but I also recognize that the healthy food spectrum that works best for individuals is long and wide.  And I believe that fake foods, tainted foods, and sugar-based foods will cause disease.

Dr. Kelly Brogan is someone to whom I pay attention.  Here’s the start to her very thoughtful piece:

“Too many of us blindly put faith into different authorities, but when it comes to personal health and diet, your self knowledge and gut intuition should be your guide.”

Source: On Being Right and Eating Animals | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

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