Turkey Tracks: Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts Come Out to Play

Turkey Tracks:  June 6, 2018

Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts Come Out To Play

May 2018

At our May meeting, we got to see our traveling quilts again.

Here is Lynn Vermeulen’s—with additions by Becca-Babb Brott.  Becca added the sewing scene above left—whose borders mirror the “maker” block done by Tori Manzi.  Becca also added the dresses, made Vicki Fletcher’s block of circles into a miniature “quilt,” and connected up all the blocks.  I have this quilt now.  What shall I do?  There is that hole on the left…


Here is JoAnn Moore’s quilt, with additoins by Vicki Fletcher and Margaret Elaine Jinno.  This quilt is so big now that I took two pics to get the whole of it.  Vicki did the interesting border on the bottom, and M-E did several of the flying geese borders such as you see on on the left.



Vicki also enclosed the block below made by Megan Bruns with a scrappy checkerboard.

Here is MY QUILT, with work added by Linda Satkowski—the green houses and trees below.  Look at the gorgeous piecing in the trees.  And she correctly knows I love trees and houses.

Here is Linda Satkowski’s quilt with additions by JoAnn Moore and Nancy Wright—on the left almost out of the frame but pictured below.   Again,  I had to take two pictures to get in the whole of this quilt.


JoAnn Moore added the flower block.  And Nancy Wright added the “Brimfield” (?) EPP block—which is a new EPP project.


Here is Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s quilt, which I worked on.  I connected it all up.  Lynn Vermeulen gave me NINE girl blocks—to represent the nine of us working on each quilt.  She drew this pattern herself, and each girl is unique and adorable.  I added the row houses on the right, the block below it with the cottage, and the flowers between the row of girls.  My “story” is that the girls are walking to the school.  Nancy Wright’s florist shop is below the girls, with the gorgeous basket she made.  I added “streets” to connect the blocks.  The center of this quilt is Vicki Fletcher’s village green.





Some of us played with Nancy Wright’s quilt blocks at our recent Coastal Quilters retreat at the Franciscan Guest House.  Lynn Vermeulen finished her addition of the “star fish” on the bottom.  We scatteredt he loose stars randomly.  But it gives you some idea of how it could be connected up.  Nancy will figure it out.


This project should be finished in May—to the point where each person takes back their quilt to join up blocks and to start the quilting process.

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: Mt. Battie Modern Traveling Quilts Come Out to Play”

  1. These quilts are all absolutely amazing and beautiful! You are such a talented group of women. I have so enjoyed your blog showing the steady development of each of these special quilts. I hope you alll know Judy how lucky you are!!!

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