Para-Gliding Fun!

Turkey Tracks/Interesting Information: July 15, 2021

Para-Gliding Fun!

I did not know this sport existed until I saw it at the Snow Bowl athletic field a few days ago.

I was entranced!

There were TWO gliders WAY UP HIGH and coming from the mountains. I could not get in place to get a picture of the first one to land (a man), but here are videos of the second one (a woman) positioning to come in for a beautiful landing.

More positioning—a banking to get in position to land.

And the—very soft and gentle—landing. And you can see the first paraglider on the ground with his “wings” in his arms.

I’ve seen this kind of sport over water, where one is pulled by a boat. But I had no idea this sport existed.

Here’s where I wish I was 20 years younger, because flying is in my blood, and I’d be up there in that sky. For sure.

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4 thoughts on “Para-Gliding Fun!”

  1. Hey girl- I did it when I was in the Bahamas once & I was being pulled by a boat. There was a steel band playing on the beach & it made me feel like I was in heaven. You take care. Rosie-

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    1. I am so happy you had this fun experience. What amazed me about the para-gliding is that it did not require being pulled by a boat or a vehicle on land. It was all totally free. I’m sure one has to learn a lot about wind currents so as not to lose wind and fall into the forest or the water somewhere, but….

  2. I parachuted in my youth. It was a static line jump and it was such an incredible high I will never forget it. I was so hopeful when I called the Air Force to see if this type of training was available, and although it was it was not available for women. Alas. This looks like fun! And even more approachable than jumping. If only I were younger…

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