Pictures of Jackpot at Sweet Pups

Turkey Tracks: August 9, 2022

Pictures of Jackpot at Sweet Pups

Glenna of Sweet Pups Sanctuary and Rescue has been sending us pictures of the dogs who will be coming to Maine later this week—via a link to all of us on Messenger.

Yesterday, she sent pictures that included High-Top/to be called Jackpot by me.

The running blur in front was one of a set of dogs rescued while living in a brush pile. The bigger dog in back—wait for it and don’t read further without bracing yourself—was being used as BAIT for ALLIGATORS. I can’t even…. What is wrong with people—to have such little regard for another sentient being. The dog had a horribly infected foot, which got even worse after being rescued, but which is now healed. And there is my Jackpot, with his tail curved in excitement over his back.

I love it that the people at Sweet Paws spend time with the dogs. And that the dogs have time to play and run outside. I can’t wait for this bundle of kisses to be on my lap.

Look at this happy face.

Jackpot is looking more like 4 months, not 3, to me in these pictures. And big enough to jump on the bed and not fall off of it in the night. I hope so anyway, as that will make taking care of him at night easier.

He also looks big enough to potty train, which takes time and patience and is helped by the dog being a bit older than brand new puppy.

It’s going to be a long week. Meanwhile the Sanctuary is madly busy with getting all the dogs ready to transport.

I woke to a wet world. I don’t know how much rain I got here yet as I have not checked the gauge, but more is predicted for today. I am crossing my fingers—and know that I’ll need to mow before Jackpot comes.

I’m “clearing the deck” here as much as possible so I can spend pretty much constant time with Jackpot as he adjusts to his forever home. This time will prevent inappropriate chewing and potty accidents as well.

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5 thoughts on “Pictures of Jackpot at Sweet Pups”

  1. Jackpot looks like the best dog! We have a “mostly” beagle mix, Lady. She has some Jack Russell in her along with a lot of other things, I’m sure, but she has the same wonderful eyes and similar face to Jackpot. She was found in a ditch when she was about 6 weeks old. She was not weaned — wouldn’t eat and drink. The people who found her crossed paths with my husband the day she was found. He brought her home to our then 9 and 13 year old kids. She is now 13 and living the best life with us. Enjoy Jackpot. Sounds like he’s going to have a wonderful home with you!

  2. Jackpot is adorable! As to the animal cruelty- horrifying and heartbreaking. Those humans should be subjected to the same treatment. Thankful to all people who do rescue work. Enjoy the much needed rain. Hugs to you, lovely lady.

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