My Goodness!

My Goodness!

Turkey Tracks and Interesting Information: August 12, 2022

*Update on Jackpot below.

Quilty and Lion friend Sharon Flanagan came for a visit Wednesday, and it was good to catch up with her. Sharon does a lot of all kinds of amazing work in our community.

As we walked around my garden before she left, look what she saw. I’m not sure I would have seen these Monarch caterpillars if she hadn’t looked closer. One of the things Sharon and I share is a love of nature, gardens, and the science behind many subjects/things. I always learn something from her, and this visit was no exception.

I scattered Milkweed pods collected here and there many years ago down in the meadow, but the seeds chose, in part, the front garden over the lower wall as the place they wanted to live. That area has a fringe strip garden that borders the lawn and is neat, but behind it I just let Nature have her way as it is too steep for me to weed and police now.

The pictures below are of two plants. And you can see how the caterpillars devour these plants. Soon they will make a chrysalis and take the next step to becoming a butterfly. I had simply been too busy to go looking for caterpillars on these milkweed plants, though I knew the plants were in that area.

Now an update on Jackpot.

He is NOT coming on Sunday.

Last night the Messenger link between owners of the 26 dogs being transported and the Rescue/Sanctuary, which had been quiet all day as the crew was getting the van ready for departure this morning, told us that Glenna was in the hospital as of 4 pm yesterday. Sheila, who was my first contact at the organization, said Glenna was going to be ok and that she had been reminding Glenna that it was a good thing that she had not started the trip on Thursday. So, it was not an accident, but some other health issue that side-lined her.

So now Glenna is trying to organize getting the dogs to us asap. And we are all waiting. But we are all also hoping that Glenna is going to be ok. It’s clear that she is a very special person—who is gentle and passionate about rescuing dogs in trouble. I have every faith that this current problem will get solved.

My own take is that Glenna lives under a lot of stress. On Wednesday she and the young man in the pictures I posted recently that show Jackpot rescued 8 puppies from a house where the area IN THE HOUSE where they were was literally covered with dog feces and trash. They had to walk through squishy poop to even get the puppies out.

There are videos and pictures on the Sweet Pups FB page and maybe the web site of that event, but I would not necessarily recommend going there to look at it. You’ll want to vomit and the pictures will haunt you. However, note that now those 8 puppies, many of whom now have skin and other medical issues, will have to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, medicated, and fed for some time.

No wonder Glenna is stressed.

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