Jackpot Will Go Traveling

Turkey Tracks: August 23, 2022

Jackpot Will Go Traveling

It’s been a week of waiting for information from the Sweet Pups Nation Rescue and Sanctuary about the health of the transport dogs and Jackpot, in particular.

One upshot is that none of the adult dogs got the virus. Only the puppies got it. When Glenna (president of SP’s and lead summer driver) turned around in Tennessee last weekend, she ensured that the puppies got to medicine before the virus got worse for them. Otis, the one puppy who was so sick, went straight to the hospital when Glenna got home and is stable and recovering. This week, Glenna also took Otis to the renowned A&M vet hospital about 4 hours away from her so she could understand more about the virus. Otis will not transport until fully recovered.

All the puppies are now fine. Some have stools that are loose, but no diarrhea and no blood. All puppies will go to the vet tomorrow for a final check. Jackpot is eating and drinking, and Glenna sent me these pics of him on Sunday. He likes water! I wonder if he will actually swim. AC Slater loved water, but wouldn’t get his back feet off the ground and just take off swimming.

I’ve seen this look before: it’s “what is that thing you are pointing at me and is it going to hurt?”

He seems quiet—and I think he is not totally feeling well yet. He is on some pretty strong meds. He may be a laid back dog, but…how can he NOT be fairly traumatized? Born under a tree to a mother who was tied up, separated from his siblings when rescued, lots of medical interventions all at once (multiple vaccines, neutered, heartworm meds, maybe worming meds, microchip jab), the transport process, and then getting sick. And now, another vet visit and the transport again.

I long to give him constant love, stability, fun outings, toys, great food, and to see happiness and play fill up his eyes. LOL. I also hope to get him potty trained fast. Hope is the operative word there.

Anyway, Glenna is going to leave on Thursday. And she and her grandson Joey are getting the van ready again. Here’s a picture from last time—I suspect the view is from back to front. Loading the cages is clearly a science in and of itself.

The transport method is to move the dogs as quickly as possible over these long distances—this one is 2000 miles. So the driver drives like a long-haul trucker, with just a few rest stops. Night is probably good as it would be cooler.

Glenna is attached to several of the transport dogs. One is Roux. Here’s how Roux traveled on the last trip. Asleep on Glenna’s arm.

Glenna is passionate about her dogs. She is a saint. For sure.

And I look forward to meeting her in person.

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3 thoughts on “Jackpot Will Go Traveling”

  1. A saint she is for sure! A very special person indeed to transport and keep the dogs safe.
    Soon Jackpot will be coming to his new loving home. Glad he and the others have recovered but what stress their lives endure.

  2. Louisa,

    I love the photos of Jackpot. All our dogs (6 of them) have been rescues. I think they know you chose them! Our current pup, ,Wendy, a schnauzer, is a wonderful gentle soul who thinks being alive is the most wonderful thing in the world. We are currently on our boat in Tenant’s Harbor, where she has charmed the locals. Stay healthy, and hug Jackpot! Susan Burkett

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    1. Lovely to hear from you. And I’m glad you are still sailing. I have thought many times during August with the strong breezes coming my way that sailing this year must be really good. And now we are getting the much-needed rain. Jackpot will be my 3rd rescue—and the other two were wonderful dogs. The first died at around 16, so it was really hard to lose AC Slater at so young an age and when he was just fully trained, could communicate well, yadda, yadda. He was so much fun. I’m still loving living in Maine.

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