Its All Puppy All The Time

Turkey Tracks: August 29, 2022

Its All Puppy All The Time

Yesterday was our first complete day together—and we are learning all about each other.

First, Jackpot’s poop has been moving back and forth between a bit soft and beautifully formed. I think I’m on the right path with what I’m feeding him. He seems to know he’s going to be fed 3 meals, and he clearly tells me he is HUNGRY when it’s time and we are home to eat. And he CHOWS the recommended amount and asks for more—which I have given him as I know he likely didn’t eat enough when he was sick. I have a bit more of the bone broth—which makes for a lot of peeing I think, but is also doing him a lot of good. (I have more frozen if I need it in the future.)

After the dew dried on the grass, and after he wore himself out with his toys and had a little nap, we went for a walk at the Snow Bowl—just moving at his pace. His nose was down and sniffing the whole way. Then we made a quick stop at a local store for eggs and milk—I was in and out like a flash. Jackpot rides on the front seat and has a short chain from his harness to the seat belt to prevent him from being thrown forward, should he stand up. I put him in the back seats while I ran into the store—where he will eventually ride—and used a second chain to keep him in place. There is too much he can get into from the front seat.

Next, we stopped at Loyal Biscuit for a manly black harness that can get wet and muddy. And then home where he danced a jig at my feet while I fixed his lunch. Then he was sleepy. So I put him in his crate, where he laid down and stretched out, and I went downstairs and set the alarm for an hour nap as I woke up so early yesterday morning. He was still dead asleep when I got up, so I went outside and did the second week’s spraying for the deer. (Liquid Fence, thanks Judith B. It seems to be working.) When I was done and all washed up, he was up. But I left him for a bit longer as I really, really needed a quick shower.

Next, we went to another trail that is just up the hill from me, where he again walked and sniffed. He was clearly already a bit tired. We spent about 45 minutes up there before coming home.

Jackpot is ENTRANCED with the deer spray. I can’t smell it when it dries, but he can, and I’m sure he thinks it is something he can roll in if only he can locate it so he can roll in it. Hopefully today, that problem is gone and the smell is a new “normal” for him. He can now climb the back garden’s 4 stone steps and the back deck steps.

In only ONE day, there hasn’t been much progress on the potty training indoors. I take him out a lot, and all poops have been outside. But he isn’t getting the peeing part yet. I think he thinks the rag rugs at the doors are some kind of pee pad. He does pee outside on suggestion (pee pee doggie)—if I catch him before he needs to pee. And sometimes he does go to the door, and I take him right outside when he does that. But…potty training always takes time. And he’s young.

Last night he heard some dogs on tv and spent the next ten minutes “guarding” the door. He has a cute bark. I’ll pick up those rugs this morning—one needs to be washed. Those rugs are indestructible, though AC Slater chewed their edges before I realized it. I wove them on an old traditional hand loom out of fabric scraps.

His coat is a much deeper rich chestnut color than AC Slater’s lovely tan one. And I think it will have the same soft under-layer that is practically waterproof. I hope so, anyway. AC’s coat was so incredibly soft, and feist dogs (terrier/hound mixes) are known for that soft coat. I have not checked his feet yet to see if they are webbed. Terriers really do not like their feet touched. His little sharp toenails need trimming, but I’ll give that task another day or so.

Jackpot does not know yet how to cuddle and to turn himself “off” and rest next to me—he gets wired instead. That will change in time. He’s always been kenneled, so while he obviously likes people—Sweet Pups has done a great job socializing him—I doubt he’s had a stronger relationship with any one person in his young life.

Today is the vet at 3 pm, so I’ll find out what he weighs. And in a few minutes now we’ll go for our first (leashed) walk.

It’s a beautiful day here today. I need to mow, maybe that will happen after lunch when he naps.

Oops. He’s asleep on the floor—worn out from playing with his toys and his last trip outside a bit ago. That’s kind of a pattern now. We’ll go for the walk when he wakes up.

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4 thoughts on “Its All Puppy All The Time”

  1. I’m absolutely loving the story of Jackpot, as he learns about his new life with you! Puppies are just the best…run, poop, eat, pee, run, sleep… Being a puppy is exhausting for them; so much learning about his new world. What a beautiful boy!❤️

  2. Jackpot stories are so much fun to read. I wish more had your patience and caring for adopting a rescue. My two dogs are rescued and one still creeps slowly to the water dish like he will be caught so we can only imagine how he was treated. Now we shower all the love we can on their remaining lives.

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