Jackpot: Saturday

Turkey Tracks: September 3, 2022

Jackpot: Saturday

Night was good.  He was dry.

I did sleep next to him, with added floor padding.  It was fine.

Thinking to return to my bed tonight—depending on how things go today.

I gave him the dewormer the vet told me to use last night, and it made him totally crazy.  

I went against my best instincts in doing it too. Pancur is for ADULT hook worms, and he was clear last Thursday of everything in his fecal sample, including any eggs.  Pancur is also very strong, and he would NOT need 6 or 7 days of it. Parasites are NOT the problem here—it’s a novel virus where best treatment is not yet clear.  I’ll take him in to retest the fecal on the 16th and to have his blood checked again—and hopefully won’t need more help from them until then. But I am profoundly grateful that the vets were there to help me last Thursday.

Basically, Glenna is/was dealing with 5 puppies who came down with this horrible novel virus. She says no one is exactly sure how to treat it yet. But she knows what she has done that is making a difference. And she knows the adult dogs have not gotten it.

This morning Jackpot didn’t want to eat, and I had to force him to swallow the anti-nausea and the antibiotic.  Violent and stressful.  He DID eat his breakfast after a bit.  And he did poop finally a bit later.  It still had some blood in it, and some mucus, but was trying to form up in places.  And it had a nice brown color except for where the blood was.

So, the rice/chicken, antihistamine, and probiotics are working.

Oh to have this kind of flexibility again!

We just came in from a lovely walk up at my neighbor’s property which he really enjoyed.  (Me, too.) He was bouncing around pretty good by the time we left, and he was not letting me get too far ahead when he stopped to smell things.  I cut the walk short as I didn’t want to overtire him.  He would have happily gone for much longer.

I am including these videos so you can see he is doing much better.

Today he explored a drainage/wetland area filled with plants. It was a favorite spot of AC Slater’s. He always thought there were critters in there.

Below he played “critter in the bushes” in the middle of the lowest part.

He’s starting carrying sticks for long distances. Maybe there is some retriever in him?

We came in downstairs, and I went to move the dehumidifier from the bedroom to the quilt room, and he took himself off upstairs.  I stopped to round him up, and get him back downstairs, and while I plugged in the dehumidifier, he peed the rug!!!  

Some loss of communication there—he may think he has to go out upstairs to pee.  And maybe that’s why he took himself off upstairs. It’s the first accident in many days now, if we don’t count the poop/pee in his bed Thursday morning when he was sick.  

He’s my shadow.  If I move, for the most part, he’s right on my heels.  Except for getting loose in the house outside the kitchen—territory forbidden to him for the moment.  He is especially fascinated with my bed upstairs, which we visit for me to shower or change clothes.

And in the kitchen, he asks to be picked up for belly rubs and cuddles.

After his post lunch quiet time, he asked to go outside by scratching at the door—unfortunately the screen—but REAL progress. And, he peed when he got outside.

Smart boy!