What Does a Dog DO With TWO Balls?

We were headed out for a walk this morning, and when I turned out of my driveway, I could see my mailbox (which is on a swing bar to save it from being hit with a baseball bat) was…gone. The rod holding it was flat on the ground, bent straight.

Someone came up the hill, lost control of the vehicle (probably a truck, maybe with 4 wheel drive), slammed into the mailbox on the left side of the road, went into the deep ditch, and somehow got out and onto the end of the driveway, dragging the severed mailbox, where the someone then had to get out of the vehicle and throw it on the hillside.

There was dirt, rocks and parts of the car up and down the road, the driveway, and in the ditch. The police came and picked up identifying pieces. It was a Toyota something. The amount of damage to the vehicle indicates that it will have to be repaired to be on the road—so maybe the police will catch the person via that avenue.

I called old friend Tom Jackson, with whom I’ve done business for years. He came around noon and formed a plan to get a temporary mailbox up and to figure out a new mailbox, which might take some days. Some parts might be able to be used again.

Our local post office is closing for an unclear amount of time due to “unsafe construction in the building.” But that construction hasn’t been active for the past two years. So, local people think what has just happened is that our Camden post office has just been closed permanently. Mail will still be delivered to homes, but if one has any other needs, one will have to go to the Rockland PO, which is 20-25 minutes away.

The package mailing-delivery market has been trying to get rid of the postal service for about two decades now. It looks like they are making good progress.

Life is messy.

After we ran errands and when waiting for Tom, I took this picture. What DOES a dog do with TWO fun balls when only ONE can be picked up?

And, this little video, taken right after he chose the larger red ball.

So, JP and I are just now back from our delayed walk, which was nice. He likes to carry things in his mouth: sticks, dried leaves, whatever detritus interests him. He has a soft mouth, too. There is some retriever there somewhere…

Despite all the drama today, it was a beautiful day, one of those crisp, cool, sun-drenched days that I love.

Maybe JP and I will try out a little sewing now, before my dinner.