Jackpot: Days 3 and 4

Turkey Tracks: August 31, 2022

Jackpot: Days 3 and 4

Today starts day 4.




We had a strong downpour this morning, so I took him out before and after that event. Early morning was a soft, misty rain, which did not stop his morning pee and poop. The turkeys were calling in the woods, and that distracted him at first.

He has learned to come and touch my open palm when I call “Jackpot, come here.” And I’ll always use those exact words combined with a hand signal. Of course he hasn’t been 100%, but mostly he is now. Accomplishing his ALWAYS hearing my voice and coming is a process that involves specific training actions on my part that make his behavior a fun game where he gets a lot of praise for doing this work WITH me, like a job. When he is 100%, we will be a team that works together reliably.

Yesterday I was able to mow and do all the laundry—either with him or when he was napping (which he is doing right now as I write). I was able to hang my sheets on the line while he napped and retrieve them with him at my heels. He was fascinated with my moving the mower to the back of the house and was happy to stay on the deck while I mowed that part of the lawn. I did the rest of the mowing after lunch when he was napping, exhausted, in his crate. That’s the only time I crate him during the day—and that will be just while he is a puppy who needs constant watching right now in order to learn the rules of the house.

We hiked the Erickson Trail again yesterday—and he was off leash all the way until the end, when he decided to take an unapproved excursion into one of the meadows at the edge of the trail. It was an opportunity to reinforce that he could not ignore my voice. BTW, there is NO punishment of any kind involved. The method just insists that he hear my voice when he is nearby or away from me. Eventually, he will run to come touch my hand with joy, as it will be a fun thing to do.

I learned this method from an older book called SMARTER THAN YOU THINK (Paul Loeb). My last three dogs ALL came every time, anywhere when called, and could “stay by me” at my side. AC Slater could also “back it up” when I needed him to do that, like at the door or at the edge of a street.

Here’s a little video I took this morning. This little boy is a happy creature. He brings the ball back to me and “drops” it when I say, unless he “puppy” forgets when he drops the ball away from me. Eventually, he’ll bring back a ball thrown outside and will “drop” on command. It’s all play for him and meant to be totally fun for both of us.

He’s also learning to receive and give affection. I get more and more kisses every day, and he always naps near my chair or my feet.

He tried to jump on the bed yesterday—but isn’t big enough yet to make that leap. And he’s too young and too new here for me to use his radio collar. He’s too puppy to handle the rock walls—AC used to go up and down the sheer drop of the front wall boulders like a goat. JP needs to get much better control of his body to attempt anything beyond the grass. So I keep him with me when we are outside.

It’s a bit after 10 am now so I’ll close and see if the storm bands have passed and we can go out for a walk.

PS: the WordPress theme I had been using was very old and had been retired—so I suddenly started having all sorts of trouble. The WordPress help people helped me find a new theme—and I think it is mostly installed now. I will need to do some more editing along the way maybe, but the posting problems are now gone.

Jackpot: Day 2

Turkey Tracks: August 30, 2022

Jackpot: Day 2

Jackpot decide to bond with me yesterday!

He was my shadow all day.  And after his breakfast and playing with his toys, he started “resting” near or on my feet or the legs of the chair I’m using.

The daily puppy schedule that is emerging is as follows:  go out and pee/poop, breakfast, play with toys in kitchen while “she” is typing at desk, nap, outside adventure (car), outside time here, lunch, long nap (“she” naps too and then does household chores), another outside adventure (car), time outside and inside, dinner (“she” eats too), downstairs time, bed about 9 for both.

Yesterday morning we walked the nearby Erickson trail, which is about 1.5 miles.  It is a looped trail.

This trail is so lovely.  And it’s a target rich place for a dog who wants to smell EVERYTHING.  At first we went really slow—at his “smell this” pace.

Then I took him off leash—about 1/3 down the trail.  He LOVED that—and we got up a good pace at times as he stayed right with me—no more than 6 feet away at any time.  This kind of walking will build up his leg muscles so he can handle the stairs in and around my house.

As we neared the end of the trail, I re-leashed him, and he used up the length of the whole leash, so was clearly feeling more comfortable about hiking with me.

After lunch and his longer nap, we explored in town a bit, until his new-puppy vet appointment at 3 pm.  We tried to walk a local residential street (Pearl), but the cars and noises scared him to death.  He was sure he was going to be killed or hurt.  Next we went over to the Laite Beach park, which has a cool, shady serene grassy area.  We sat on a rock and just relaxed until time to go to the vet.

Here’s our view—of the OUTER Camden harbor, which is full of boats.

Here’s how he rides in the car.  You can see the short chain that keeps him safe.  He is quiet as long as I have a hand on him.  Otherwise he tries to crawl into my lap.  

The vet appointment was good.  He needed his ears cleaned—and trust me, he so did NOT like that.  But he got a bit of cheese when he was all done.  And if he was going to be a biting dog, believe me, he would have bitten “those people.”  Either of my rat terriers would have tried to bite at least one of “those people.” Meanwhile, I hated, hated, hearing him cry.  When I got him back, he curled into my body and hid his his face in the crook of my arm.

They also trimmed his small, sharp puppy nails.  I thought it was better for them to get the rap for that chore rather than me.  Terriers HATE having anyone touch their feet.  The hound part of JackP seems to be ok with having me touch his feet.  BTW, those big feet are webbed nearly all the way to the ends of his toes.  They are, basically, swimming paddles.

We were both worn out afterwards and went home to recuperate emotionally.

When we went downstairs last night, it was clear that Jackpot was really tired.  He kept looking for a spot to crash.  At 7:30, he went to the bottom of the flight of stairs—which he avoids still—and went up two stairs and turned to look at me.  He was clearly asking to go upstairs and, I think, go to sleep in his crate.  He did not fuss at all when I put him there either.

I stayed up for another hour, and then I crashed too.  I woke at 6 this morning, got dressed, and went down to get him.  He had peed, but he didn’t pee in the house when I let him out, and had a long pee and good poop outside before coming back in for his breakfast, which he inhaled.  There was lots of happy wiggling and kisses and showing me his belly.

Here was my lunch yesterday, which I didn’t really eat as I needed a nap more than I needed to eat.  So, it is waiting for me today.  And I had food to reheat for a nice dinner last night.

So far, Jackpot does not like to cuddle on the couch with me.  He likes to play with me on the couch and gets “jacked up” (pun intended).  Today is only full day 3.  He will hopefully learn to cuddle over time—and to let it relax him.  

He is a very busy, very smart, very happy puppy.

Its All Puppy All The Time

Turkey Tracks: August 29, 2022

Its All Puppy All The Time

Yesterday was our first complete day together—and we are learning all about each other.

First, Jackpot’s poop has been moving back and forth between a bit soft and beautifully formed. I think I’m on the right path with what I’m feeding him. He seems to know he’s going to be fed 3 meals, and he clearly tells me he is HUNGRY when it’s time and we are home to eat. And he CHOWS the recommended amount and asks for more—which I have given him as I know he likely didn’t eat enough when he was sick. I have a bit more of the bone broth—which makes for a lot of peeing I think, but is also doing him a lot of good. (I have more frozen if I need it in the future.)

After the dew dried on the grass, and after he wore himself out with his toys and had a little nap, we went for a walk at the Snow Bowl—just moving at his pace. His nose was down and sniffing the whole way. Then we made a quick stop at a local store for eggs and milk—I was in and out like a flash. Jackpot rides on the front seat and has a short chain from his harness to the seat belt to prevent him from being thrown forward, should he stand up. I put him in the back seats while I ran into the store—where he will eventually ride—and used a second chain to keep him in place. There is too much he can get into from the front seat.

Next, we stopped at Loyal Biscuit for a manly black harness that can get wet and muddy. And then home where he danced a jig at my feet while I fixed his lunch. Then he was sleepy. So I put him in his crate, where he laid down and stretched out, and I went downstairs and set the alarm for an hour nap as I woke up so early yesterday morning. He was still dead asleep when I got up, so I went outside and did the second week’s spraying for the deer. (Liquid Fence, thanks Judith B. It seems to be working.) When I was done and all washed up, he was up. But I left him for a bit longer as I really, really needed a quick shower.

Next, we went to another trail that is just up the hill from me, where he again walked and sniffed. He was clearly already a bit tired. We spent about 45 minutes up there before coming home.

Jackpot is ENTRANCED with the deer spray. I can’t smell it when it dries, but he can, and I’m sure he thinks it is something he can roll in if only he can locate it so he can roll in it. Hopefully today, that problem is gone and the smell is a new “normal” for him. He can now climb the back garden’s 4 stone steps and the back deck steps.

In only ONE day, there hasn’t been much progress on the potty training indoors. I take him out a lot, and all poops have been outside. But he isn’t getting the peeing part yet. I think he thinks the rag rugs at the doors are some kind of pee pad. He does pee outside on suggestion (pee pee doggie)—if I catch him before he needs to pee. And sometimes he does go to the door, and I take him right outside when he does that. But…potty training always takes time. And he’s young.

Last night he heard some dogs on tv and spent the next ten minutes “guarding” the door. He has a cute bark. I’ll pick up those rugs this morning—one needs to be washed. Those rugs are indestructible, though AC Slater chewed their edges before I realized it. I wove them on an old traditional hand loom out of fabric scraps.

His coat is a much deeper rich chestnut color than AC Slater’s lovely tan one. And I think it will have the same soft under-layer that is practically waterproof. I hope so, anyway. AC’s coat was so incredibly soft, and feist dogs (terrier/hound mixes) are known for that soft coat. I have not checked his feet yet to see if they are webbed. Terriers really do not like their feet touched. His little sharp toenails need trimming, but I’ll give that task another day or so.

Jackpot does not know yet how to cuddle and to turn himself “off” and rest next to me—he gets wired instead. That will change in time. He’s always been kenneled, so while he obviously likes people—Sweet Pups has done a great job socializing him—I doubt he’s had a stronger relationship with any one person in his young life.

Today is the vet at 3 pm, so I’ll find out what he weighs. And in a few minutes now we’ll go for our first (leashed) walk.

It’s a beautiful day here today. I need to mow, maybe that will happen after lunch when he naps.

Oops. He’s asleep on the floor—worn out from playing with his toys and his last trip outside a bit ago. That’s kind of a pattern now. We’ll go for the walk when he wakes up.

Jackpot’s First Days

Turkey Tracks: August 28, 2022

Jackpot’s First Days

Everything went really well yesterday. It was fun to see the other people picking up their rescue dogs. And it was very fun to meet Glenna and her grandson Joey. These Sweet Pups folks are very special people.

Right now, everything here is all puppy all the time. And that’s how that goes with a new puppy who is not yet house trained. We are going in and out a lot so “accidents” have been limited and confined to pee. This morning after his breakfast, Jackpot clearly asked to go outside, and he did a big poop when he got to the grass. I found a pee spot on the kitchen door rug, but that’s good news. It’s clear he has connected the need to pee with going outside. And that rug is washable. And I some some great stuff (Simple Solution) that will remove stains and odor. One can’t do “puppy” without it—or a product like it.

He’s bonding. We are bonding. Here he is on the back deck yesterday afternoon. He stayed with me off-leash yesterday afternoon as he/we explored the lawn, the gardens, the driveway, and the garage. it will take some time though until he knows his new Jackpot name and comes every time I call him. He will also learn “stay by me,” which will mean he can go everywhere with me off leash—except on roads with cars. Mostly though, we’ll stick to local fields and hikes where he can run free.

He is smaller and more finely built than AC Slater was. I think. Time will tell. AC was 46 pounds and solid muscle and was a super fast runner.

One of the funny stories I will remember from yesterday is that when the van came and we gathered around, Glenna and Joey came out. After we all greeted each other, Joey asked me “what dog is yours?” When he came out holding Jackpot and just as he handing him to me, Jackpot started peeing, and it ran mostly right into the little purse I carry that holds my phone, the car key, etc. I had to laugh. The donation check I had brought with me to help offset all the drama of the past 3 weeks, which included some hefty vet fees for Sweet Pups, was SOAKED. Most of the pee just went into that one part of the purse, and all is washed and dried now. I’ll reload the purse this morning.

For the drive home, I put Jackpot on the front seat of my car—which I had covered with a towel—and I chained his harness to the seat belt. I think if he could have crawled into my lap, he would have. We came home with me driving one-handed, with the other hand on him. He mostly settled right in as long as I was touching him and often talking to him.

The rest of yesterday was spent taking Jackpot in and out of the house. Steps are new to him, but he’s starting to risk trying them. He’s doing the door steps now, and is close to doing the back deck’s 3 steps. Down, anyway, if not up yet. He has to learn how to use his back feet to push himself up and to co-ordinate them with his front feet.

He’s eating and drinking well now. Poops are mostly firming up. There was a looser one (the second this morning) a bit ago. So I’ll keep a close eye and add pumpkin to his lunch meal. I have Slippery Elm on hand if needed. And he’s getting a bit of goat milk yogurt and a tiny bit of the dried colostrum I ordered for him. Glenna told me he wasn’t doing well on kibble yet, so I’m hoping my food will help him move on from the infection he had (pun intended).

He took a long deep nap last night, next to me while I watched tv—with only a small break to play with his toys downstairs. (He loves the balls that are in the toy mix.) He was fascinated with the tv and barked at it and watched it for a bit.

After his last pee outside about 10 pm, we went upstairs, and I got ready for bed. But he would not settle there with me—and I was afraid he would fall off the bed. He is still too tiny and young to jump up and down from the bed on his own. So I crated him for the night so we could both get some sleep. There was howling at first, but he settled pretty quickly.

I woke about 5 and could not get back to sleep—and I wanted to get him outside to pee early. He barked when I turned on the light and dribbled a bit when I opened the crate—he was excited I think. Then he turned into a happy, wiggly puppy outside on the wet grass as he was glad to see me. And he did a good long pee outside. Then I fed him, and he gobbled down his food, which had some of the bone broth added. He loves the real food, once he got used to the different texture of it.

I’ve hunkered down in the kitchen with him this early morning—and am sitting at the desk while he plays with his toys and with me off and on.

It’s now only 8 am!!! And he has crashed on the floor—worn out. When he wakes up, I’m going to take him out to pee and then to the Snow Bowl field and pond edge to explore and to run off some energy. Then I’ll make a quick run to Fresh Off the Farm for some eggs and milk—and will be in and out quick, quick as it will be his first time alone in the car.

Later today, we’ll do another leashed walk. And maybe stop by Loyal Biscuit to get him a proper harness. I have a really good one for walks on roads, but it is too nice for getting wet and muddy in ponds and creeks.

It’s clear he loves people and other dogs, but I’ll avoid the dog park for now, until I’m sure he’s settled in here and is healthy. He does not need any exposure to whatever else other dogs might be carrying. And I’ve always had mixed emotions about the dog park any way.

Don’t look for quilty information any time soon! Though he may surprise me.

Jackpot is in Maryland

Turkey Tracks: August 26, 2022

Jackpot is in Maryland

AND, Glenna JUST sent me these pictures on their breakfast rest stop in Maryland. Their first delivery will be at 1 pm today in Hagerstown now, not 3 pm.

I can’t even…

Jackpot is SO BEAUTIFUL!

And he looks really good. His coat looks terrific.

Maybe I’ll take the bigger collar I have.

Tomorrow is feeling like a long way away!

I can’t wait!

Read Food Labels Carefully: Crickets are HERE

Turkey Tracks/Interesting Information: August 26, 2022

Read Food Labels Carefully: Crickets are HERE

I posted recently about industry putting crickets in our food.

In this substack link, Dr. Robert Malone shows that there are already products using crickets in places like Walmart. AND, he discusses some of the downsides of eating crickets and shows there are already “manufacturing” plants growing crickets for this market.

Is this move another failure of the now corporate-owned FDA?

The comment section is instructive.

READ LABELS. Labels change all the time. You have to keep reading them if you buy anything in a box or a bag.

Crickets are NOT meat, and while some cultures eat insects, they don’t rely on insects for all of their protein.

“Wyoming Mountain Crossings” Top

Turkey Tracks: August 25, 2022

“Wyoming Mountain Crossings” Top


I’ll meet the van around 1 pm SATURDAY at the West Gardner rest stop on 95—which is about 45-50 minutes from me.

The transport left Vidor, Texas, this morning.  And Glenna has been chatting with us off and on via the Messenger link.  I’ve learned that Jackpot does not pee his crate at night any more and is definitely 4 months old now.  And Gorgeous black and white Muttley doggie with the vivid blue eyes insisted the van stop as he HAD TO PEE.  And so on…

Today I made a trip to the Belfast Co-op and picked up organic goat milk yogurt (Jackpot) and a case of frozen okra (TWELVE packages) I had ordered (me).  I cooked also, in addition to my dinner of roasted chicken breasts, an organic chicken and made bone broth—so Jackpot will have a heathy something for his belly when he gets home.  The Instant Pot made this task easy.  

For dinner I also cooked a cut-up cauliflower head in a bigger pot and when tender, put it into the food processor with a little liquid, butter, and salt and whirled it until smooth.  It was good—very smooth and almost creamy—maybe needed more flavor, like herbs, sauteed garlic, and more salt and maybe some cream.  But now I’ll use the rest to try to make a cauliflower crust, then I’ll top it with some of the chicken I roasted today, some Mozzarella cheese—and maybe some other things too. I’m looking forward to trying out this crust.

I’ve had both outside time and sewing time this week, so this scrappy top got finished.  And I finished the scrappy backing and cut binding and batting as well.  So now I have TWO quilts to longarm.  But I’ll take a break and just piece some blocks from the leftover scraps from this LOOOONG, but fruitful, project.  This quilt is the 10th from cutting up the Cotton+Steel stash starting last fall.  All but one have been sent to family members. I have a few Churn Dash strips left, so I’m making those into scrappy blocks that are far less planned.  They are cute.  And two bins of cut 3 1/2 inch squares.  And two sacks of smaller squares that I’ll probably sew into 4- or 9-patch blocks.  Who knows?  I don’t.

Friend Betsy Maislen helped me with the name for this quilt, which has a targeted owner—a great niece—who lives in Wyoming:  “Wyoming Mountain Crossings.”

It is still 99.5% Cotton+Steel.  But the pieced backing came from my stash for the most part.

I’m not sure to where this day has disappeared, but now I’m going down to sew a bit.

It just started to RAIN.

Jackpot Will Go Traveling

Turkey Tracks: August 23, 2022

Jackpot Will Go Traveling

It’s been a week of waiting for information from the Sweet Pups Nation Rescue and Sanctuary about the health of the transport dogs and Jackpot, in particular.

One upshot is that none of the adult dogs got the virus. Only the puppies got it. When Glenna (president of SP’s and lead summer driver) turned around in Tennessee last weekend, she ensured that the puppies got to medicine before the virus got worse for them. Otis, the one puppy who was so sick, went straight to the hospital when Glenna got home and is stable and recovering. This week, Glenna also took Otis to the renowned A&M vet hospital about 4 hours away from her so she could understand more about the virus. Otis will not transport until fully recovered.

All the puppies are now fine. Some have stools that are loose, but no diarrhea and no blood. All puppies will go to the vet tomorrow for a final check. Jackpot is eating and drinking, and Glenna sent me these pics of him on Sunday. He likes water! I wonder if he will actually swim. AC Slater loved water, but wouldn’t get his back feet off the ground and just take off swimming.

I’ve seen this look before: it’s “what is that thing you are pointing at me and is it going to hurt?”

He seems quiet—and I think he is not totally feeling well yet. He is on some pretty strong meds. He may be a laid back dog, but…how can he NOT be fairly traumatized? Born under a tree to a mother who was tied up, separated from his siblings when rescued, lots of medical interventions all at once (multiple vaccines, neutered, heartworm meds, maybe worming meds, microchip jab), the transport process, and then getting sick. And now, another vet visit and the transport again.

I long to give him constant love, stability, fun outings, toys, great food, and to see happiness and play fill up his eyes. LOL. I also hope to get him potty trained fast. Hope is the operative word there.

Anyway, Glenna is going to leave on Thursday. And she and her grandson Joey are getting the van ready again. Here’s a picture from last time—I suspect the view is from back to front. Loading the cages is clearly a science in and of itself.

The transport method is to move the dogs as quickly as possible over these long distances—this one is 2000 miles. So the driver drives like a long-haul trucker, with just a few rest stops. Night is probably good as it would be cooler.

Glenna is attached to several of the transport dogs. One is Roux. Here’s how Roux traveled on the last trip. Asleep on Glenna’s arm.

Glenna is passionate about her dogs. She is a saint. For sure.

And I look forward to meeting her in person.

No Jackpot Being Hit Tomorrow

Turkey Tracks: August 20, 2022

No Jackpot Being Hit Tomorrow

Sweet Pups Rescue and Sanctuary had to turn around from a rest stop in Tennessee and head home at 3am in the morning as 3 of the 29 dogs onboard the transport were bleeding.  I’m guessing fecally.  My rescue puppy Jackpot is one of them, but so far not as seriously as at least one of the dogs, who now needs to be hydrated asap.  

Glenna, the president of Sweet Pups, is with the dogs, and she thinks that the dogs got into something from being with the puppies and which may be contagious for all the dogs.  All the dogs in good rescue policy had been checked off as being well and healthy by their vets and had had a fecal test.  She doesn’t think it is parvo or cocidia, but something else.

So everything is on pause until the transport gets home and sorts out what is wrong. Then they will try again to bring the dogs to us here in Maine. Note that Sweet Pups has made many transports for years and have only had to reschedule ONCE in all those years, due to weather.

Meanwhile, I have been panicked as I had a tire that was clearly leaking badly. How was I going to get to West Gardner on Sunday without a car? I was VERY lucky to get an appointment at Cooper Tires/Dan Foshay this morning at 9 to deal with the leak. It was a nail; it has been fixed; all is good again.

Life is never simple, is it?

But we pivot and move forward, as my son Bryan said to me recently. And he has some great examples of being flexible in his own life.

Two Days of Rain!

Turkey Tracks: August 19, 2022

Two Days of Rain!

The rain started slowly, quieting the wind chimes and stopping or slowing the whirlygigs.

And it remained pretty steady for the better part of two days.

The rain gauge says a little over 2 inches of rain fell.

All the plants are so happy now!

BTW, the plants in the cold frame are Masai filet bush beans—and once those guys get rolling, they will make filet beans until they are stopped by a heavy frost some time in October.

I am happy too. Even though I’m dealing with a problem tire that is leaking air, I am happy.

Jackpot comes Sunday, assuming “God willing and the creek don’t rise.” So, two more days, which is good as I need to sort that tire.

Glenna from Sweet Pups said they had a terrible storm last night that blew out the electricity and caused all the female pregnant dogs to start giving birth. She has called in extra hands and hopes to leave very soon now. Texas is an hour behind Maine, so it was just after 8 am when she texted this, hopefully, small delay.