A Rainy Labor Day

Turkey Tracks: September 5, 2022

A Rainy Labor Day

I’m not going to complain about rain. We need it too bad. But I wasn’t looking forward to pouring rain all day with a new puppy in the house.

We did fine. I raincoated up; we went outside; he ran and played and chased sticks and got toweled off. He even pooped and peed in the rain without noticing it much.

The poop was better than I’ve seen since last Thursday’s terrible scare. The color is much better, the logs are forming, it isn’t diarrhea, but it still has blood in it. He also has more energy today, but we didn’t take a longer walk.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings and will stay the current course, as there is improvement.

Here’s a little video that shows how he thinks coming when called is fun.

And here’s one with him playing with a stick. He brings everything I throw or roll to me, unless he forgets along the way, drawn to something more interesting. I had to work hard to teach AC to bring back the ball when we were outside.

A dear local friend here has noticed the white lightening bolt in the middle of his back. And Rita P, who reads the blog, says this marking on his side looks like a dog’s face with an open mouth.

It does, you know. I can’t get that idea out of my head anyway, LOL.

He loves his toys and hunkered down with them for a lot of the rainy day—content to be near me while I am at the desk near him.

Our local Camden adoption organization, Paws, sent their van to pick up 9 of the 15 (I think) beagles rescued recently from a Virginia lab.

The beagles have arrived now, and you can see some pics of them if you are interested in this story on the PAWS FB page and its web site. Their little faces are so sweet. I can’t even…. How can anyone misuse a creature with so much soul showing in their eyes? Only someone with no soul at all.

The beagles will need a lot of socialization before being ready to adopt. But I’ll bet they will fly out of PAWS when they are ready. They are beautiful dogs.

Also, when I shared this story with Glenna Tucker of Sweet Pups today, she told me Sweet Pups delivered 40 fully vetted dogs a month to PAWS for about three years. That’s a 4,000 mile round-trip made once a month. It got to be too much, so she stopped.

Rescue work is really hard and relentless. I don’t know how Glenna does it.