My Supplements and Health Helpers

Turkey Tracks and Interesting Information: February 22, 2022

My Supplements and Health Helpers

I hesitated to share the information in this post for some time, but I’m going to share it today.

I will be 77 in mid-March, and except for the mast cell disorder with its histamine intolerance reactions, over which I have likely had no control in terms of how it started, I am really healthy. I don’t take any Big Pharma medicines, I eat a very healthy and clean diet and cook for myself, and I’ve done a pretty good job of eliminating stress from my life. I am physically pretty active: I help clean my house, I do most of my own garden work and all the mowing on this challenging property I own, and in good weather, I do daily outdoor events with AC doggie.

So, I thought I’d share my health practices.

I currently take these supplements. Mercola’s products ARE more expensive, but they are clean (no magnesium sterate fillers which can eliminate one’s uptake of needed nutrients) and are made from clean ingredients found in nature and not chemical concoctions in labs. What is not pictured here is the melatonin I take at night—not so much to sleep, but because I’ve read numerous studies from mainstream medicine now that melatonin is a really good supplement to prevent and/or manage the covid virus.

Most of this collection of supplements is recommended to help prevent illnesses, including covid. Some are specific to me—see below.

Too many Americans are deficient in magnesium and vitamin D3. And, Zinc. So those three are important. I can’t take Zinc; it makes me throw up, and the Quercetin helps balance mast cell reactions to triggers and is a stand-in for Zinc. I added iodine recently because I was not sure, with my diet, that I was getting enough. I do have added energy these days, so adding iodine has been good I think. Vitamin C, especially in winter, is an important addition—and one that helps the immune system. I can’t eat citrus, so I take the C except for summer—though I read recently that red bell peppers have more vitamin C than some fruits. I eat a lot of salt combined with herbs as I can’t do most spices—and salt washes potassium out of one’s system, especially, apparently mine, as I’ve turned up deficient during one trip to the hospital when I passed out. If I have leg cramps, I now know that the balance between potassium and magnesium is ”off.” Usually adding potassium fixes that, but sometimes more magnesium is needed. Too much magnesium can cause diarrhea, so that can be a delicate balance. Human bodies are so much more complicated than many realize I think.

I have worked with a local homeopath for 15+ years now. She keeps me healthy and has corrected a lot of constitutional problems I have, like the poison ivy that would systemically go all over my body and would cause great weeping patches of oozing sores until stopped with a steroid. I don’t get poison ivy any more. And I have not had a cold in well over a decade now.

My homeopath has been using these plant-based tinctures for several years now—and she changes them up for me as needed. One takes just a few drops a day. During the past two covid years, this is what I have been taking: Blackthorn and Sea Buckthorn are the anti-virals, among other immune system boosters; Hazel helps the liver and lungs and resolves inflammation; olive helps the cardiovascular system and also helps with any inflammation.

Here’s a quote about these gemmotherapies: ”Vital Extract is the gemmotherapy line produced exclusively for Lauren Hubele, LLC by Plant Extrakt of Cluj, Romania, Europe’s leading production facility for homeopathy and gemmotherapy. Vital Extract Gemmotherapy is backed by the most extensive and most current research in Europe and offers the widest selection of products available in America.”

The back story is that Romania couldn’t afford a western-democracy style of medicine so developed these products for their citizens. And the claim is that they are working well.

My homeopath also uses traditional homopathic remedies. I have a medicine kit of these remedies, so if I have an issue after talking to my homeopath, they are immediately available to me. I also have many, many packets of remedies my homeopath has provided that are not in this kit. Some target the histamine issues I have.

If you buy remedies in a local store, you would look for the blue container shown at the bottom of the picture. Arnica Montana is a vital remedy to have on hand for any time you have an injury. It works wonders to prevent bleeding and bruising.

Here’s what the remedies look like—3 of them are a dose. Don’t touch then with your fingers as that can put skin oil on them that might slow them down. If there is an acute problem, like an injury, you would repeat doses in short intervals of something like 15 minutes. But, except for Arnica probably, here’s where you need help from a homeopath. And, if you live in a state that does not allow them, know that you can find a good homeopath and work with them via zoom meetings.

In recent years I have added Young Living Essential oil products—and I have a membership with them so I can order at reduced prices. I have gradually switched to their cleaning, hand soap, shampoo, and lipstick products as well. If you are interested, there will be someone near you who sells them. I am not interested in starting a business, but I will order products for my friends at the prices I get.

All this winter, I’ve kept this little bottle of oregano on my kitchen window sill. If I wake up feeling ”stuffy,” one sniff clears my entire head and throat in short order. Oregano is a ”hot” oil, so be careful and don’t sniff too hard or you’ll feel like your nose is burning. Go gently. Ditto the peppermint oil that I love so much. I read somewhere that Oregano oil can kill pathogens in your nose and throat. I don’t know. I just know when I use it, all stuffiness goes away immediately for the entire rest of the day.

Here’s a view of a cabinet in my kitchen. I keep lavender very nearby as if I burn myself, it can stop the burning pain immediately. Copaiba is also good for injuries. Longevity is for AC doggie—there are claims it keeps ticks and fleas away. I can’t eat citrus, but I can use the citrus oils sparingly to flavor foods without problems it seems. They are especially lovely, for me, added to olive oil for a salad and soups/stews. They carry a big punch of flavor. The Vitality line is meant to be orally used—like adding drops of lemon oil to water as a treat.

I also use a cold diffuser for these oils and now have one in the kitchen and one downstairs. They eliminate cooking and doggie and just stale-air odors all over the house. There are claims made that many of the oils are medicinal and cleansing as well. I don’t doubt it.

Here’s my desk cabinet with oils I particularly like in the upstairs diffuser. The downstairs one has different needs, but I have a cabinet of beloved oils down there too.

I do know that the tree oils ARE medicinal and have been used by native people for centuries as healing compounds. One can mix these oils in a diffuser, like using 3 of the tree oils. Or, something like lavender and lemon. The possibilities are endless.

I also use wool dryer balls in my clothes dryer, and I often sprinkle a favorite oil on a few of them to make my clothes smell extra special. Smelling oils also puts them into your body where they can do their good work.

This whole journey is definitely one sparked by living in (mostly) rural Maine—where I am close to the earth, small farms, clean food, the Maine forest, and people who are making this journey with me. I didn’t acquire all of these products overnight. It took two decades.

I am so grateful for this time I’ve had in Maine.

Turkey Tracks: AC Slater’s Fish Food

May 13, 2020

AC Slater’s Fish Food

The main reason I have to go to the grocery store about twice a week is that I need to buy white fish and sardines for AC Slater’s diet.

I can’t buy more on each trip because our local fish has been frozen at sea and then defrosted locally. It needs to be cooked and not refrozen.

Packages of frozen white fish, like cod, come individually wrapped, which is a pain to unpackage and an environmental nightmare with all that plastic. Plus each packaged fish piece is full of water or some solution, which makes the resulting mixture really watery.

So, why does AC Slater need white fish. Since last summer, AC has been struggling with MASSIVE food allergies that resulted in him chewing and clawing holes in himself as he was itching so badly. It has been a nightmare for me as I cannot bear to see him suffer. EVERYTHING I fed him caused him to react.

To make a long story shorter, I finally took him to a terrific holistic vet who tested him for the foods that were the worst offenders—five foods, some of which are in pretty much in all the commercial dog foods—and started him on a holistic remedy protocol that has stopped the reactions for the most part. He is not out of the woods yet—and we are taking things a day at a time—but his sores are healing and he is not going at himself tooth and claw. When he starts to react again, I give him the remedy.

Here’s his food, which I make fresh about twice a week. I put broccoli and carrots (chopped pretty fine) in a big pot, add about an inch of water, and lay the fish over the veggies. I cover the pot and cook the fish and veggies, and then break the fish all apart. I add to this mixture, a cup of blueberries or some peeled and chopped apple and 4 tins of sardines. Sometimes I add a few tablespoons of good coconut oil. Each bowl is topped with a vet product that helps heal the gut (Antronex) and two squirts of Dr. Mercola’s krill oil for pets.

AC is lean and full of energy and is quite happy. He loves his fish meals. BUT, I worry about the heavy toxins in big fish and that, long term, he is not getting the right nutrients.


What went wrong here?

I will go to my grave believing his 1-year rabies booster started this cascade of issues. And poking around the internet revealed that allergies like what AC has can and do follow a rabies vaccination.

I also learned that there is no scientific basis for the current, legally mandated, vaccine schedule. I know rabies is a problem. It is a serious problem here in Maine. I also know that it would be wiser to check for antibodies with a blood titer rather than mindlessly giving animals more and more boosters that can and do harm them—just so vets get a steady traffic into their businesses. And, that factor is the rational for the legal rabies schedule, not animal health. It was a deal cooked up between vet business people and public health officials.

I did try to work with our local vet at first, who is very nice and caring. But her toolbox didn’t work. That protocol was to use a drug that suppresses the immune system reactions in combination with a prescription dog food. I have since read that the drug used comes with serious side effects.

Also, the prescription dog food is one of the worst industrial products, in my opinion, I’ve every seen. Protein is broken up (hydrolyzed) into tiny bits that are meant to fool the immune system. The protein source is…wait for it…CHICKEN FEATHERS. And the first ingredient is corn starch. The product smelled terrible; it reeked of a heavy chemical odor. AC loved it, until he went off the drug and reacted to it. He thought it was candy, with its sweet, sticky nature.

That left AC with getting more of the drug and switching to the only other formulation of hydrolyzed protein, soy beans. As it turns out he is wildly allergic to peas, so that clearly was not going to work. And this whole fake, chemical food solution would cause other problems down the road.

The other problem is, as I said above, that other kibble concoctions all contain one of the 5 foods that AC is allergic to. So, fortunately, I’ve always fed my dogs real food anyway, and I don’t mind cooking for him.

And one of my unanswered questions is whether or not his immune system reacted to certain foods willy nilly or whether it was because they were in his diet as I tried to find food that didn’t make him sick.

I suppose time will tell.

For right now, he is healthy and happy.

The fish diet is EXPENSIVE, however. And in this pandemic, sometimes I have trouble getting the cheaper versions of available fish.

It’s time for a change in how we treat our beloved pets, from their food to their medical treatment. It’s time for science to prevail, not business models.

Interesting Information: Minamata Convention on Mercury: Banning of Amalgam in Dentistry

Interesting Information:  September 6, 2017

Minamata Convention on Mercury:  Banning of Amalgam in Dentistry

The bad news is that I had to have a crown replaced in order to fix a cavity beneath the crown.


High, high stress as I did not know how I would react to the novocaine and fear that I might land up in the hospital, where medical smells would make everything worse.

Folks on the Facebook Histamine Intolerance group suggested a novocaine without epinephrine, and my dentist agreed to use it.

The good news is that all went well and an old “silver” filling was removed in the process.  I was in the chair for almost two hours–it was a messy, difficult procedure.  I am now waiting for the crown to be finished so it can be installed.

I have posted about “silver” fillings being 50% mercury before this post.  These fillings “off-gas” every time one chews, which can cause chronic health problems.  Mercury is terribly poisonous for human beings.

Here is a progress report on what is being done here and in Europe to stop the use of “silver” fillings.

Source: Minamata Convention on Mercury: Banning of Amalgam in Dentistry

Interesting Information: Mercury in “Silver” Dental Fillings

Interesting Information:  August 30, 2017

Mercury in “Silver” Dental Fillings

Did you know that “silver” fillings are FIFTY PERCENT mercury?

I didn’t.

Mercury is one of the most toxic things on this earth.  As you chew, the mercury in these fillings off-gasses fumes that can make you chronically sick.  I’ve been working to get rid of all of them in my mouth, and all are gone but three under crowns–where I hope they are contained as I’m not removing and replacing crowns unless I have to.

The EU is banning “silver” fillings for children under 15 and pregnant women as of 2018.  And about 50% of USA dentists are “on the job” of not using mercury fillings and removing them.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has posted two articles on mercury in dentistry recently.  Here they are.

Source: Minamata Convention on Mercury: Banning of Amalgam in Dentistry

Source: This Common Product Is Poisoning the Next Generation

Interesting Information: Salt Wars

Interesting Information:  March 23, 2017

Salt Wars

What to believe about salt?

I wrote at least one essay (see Mainely Tipping Points essays) on the salt wars.

We actually eat LESS salt now than people in the generations before canning and freezing.  And, most of us are less healthy today.

There are some people who have genuine salt intolerances, but my understanding is that they are somewhat rare.

Anyway, the potassium and salt ratio is important.  I eat a lot of salt, so if I get leg cramps, I take a potassium pill.  Salt washes potassium out of one’s system.

Salt is crucial for health in all kinds of ways–see the essay I wrote

And, here is a very recent piece you might want to read from Dr. Mercola:

Source: Why the War on Salt Is Dangerous

Interesting Information: Steven Drucker’s ALTERED GENES, TWISTED TRUTH: How GMOs Took Over the Food Supply

Interesting Information:  April 2015


Steven Drucker

Well, here’s a surprising and interesting story–that involves, of course, corruption within the FDA.  We should not be too, too surprised since in this era of late capitalism, we are living with many unhealthy products we were told were “safe” by those meant to protect our best interests.

Steven Drucker has unearthed the history of how we got untested  GMOs in the food supply, and guess what, Monsanto did not do it.  And that is perhaps why the story is so interesting.

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How GMOs Took Over the Food Supply.

Here’s a few excerpts:

In May 1992, the FDA made a blanket presumption that GE foods qualified to be categorized “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS). They then said that this meant these foods could be marketed without any safety testing at all.

“That actually is a blatant misrepresentation of US food law, but that was the FDA claim,” Steven says. “[They claim] there’s an overwhelming ‘scientific consensus’ they’re safe, and so safe that they don’t need to be tested. Therefore, the FDA let these foods into our market without the requirement of a smidgen of testing.

Moreover, they didn’t even require these foods be labeled, so the consumers at least would be informed about the major genetic reconfiguration that had occurred. This struck me as not only being unscientific but irresponsible and unethical. At the time, I had a hunch it was also illegal.”

As he continued researching the matter, that hunch was confirmed. Not only is the policy governing GMOs at odds with the science, it violates US law. At first, Steven did not think he was sufficiently qualified to launch a lawsuit to contest the FDA’s ruling. But as time went on, it became clear that no one else was willing to stick their neck out to do it.

And, of course, when one sticks out one’s neck and tries to get at the history or the truth, one gets immediately demonized, fired, banished, and so forth.

According to the FDA’s own admission, the agency has been operating for years under a policy to promote the US biotechnology industry. They decided it was more important to promote the industry and uphold the fragile image of GE foods rather than tell the truth and acknowledge the scientist warnings. So they covered up these warnings. Had Steven not sued, the warnings of the FDA’s own scientists still would be unknown to this day.

“We wouldn’t know the extent to which the FDA has been lying all these years. But fortunately, we do know now,” he says. “And what we know is that although the FDA scientists overwhelmingly concluded and warned their superiors that these foods entail unique risks, that they cannot be presumed safe, and that each one of them should be subjected to long-term rigorous toxicological testing, what the public heard from the FDA was that “The agency is not aware of any information showing that foods developed by these methods differ from other foods in any meaningful or uniform way.”

Now, it’s impossible, I think, for any rational man or woman to read just the sampling of memos from the FDA scientists that are posted on the website of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity… and feel that the FDA’s assertion is  anything other than a blatant fraud meant to mislead the public, mislead the world, and allow genetically engineered food a free pass to enter the market. It’s just an astounding fraud.”

For close to 20 years, the American public has been exposed to these largely experimental, untested foods, which its own scientists said entail unique risks and could not be presumed safe. The FDA claimed GMO’s could be presumed safe, and that there was an overwhelming scientific consensus backing up their decision, yet the evidence shows that is a bold-faced lie.  One document (document #8), is a letter from the FDA’s biotechnology coordinator to an official of Health Canada, written in the fall of 1991, just six months before the FDA’s ruling on GE foods.

Dr. James Maryanski’s letter acknowledges that there is no consensus about the safety of these foods within the scientific community. That admission is in the FDA’s own files. “Even if we didn’t have the memos from the scientists, we would have that admission, and yet, what happened? The FDA basically just buries that and lies about it all,” Steven says. What’s worse, because the FDA is so widely respected, and because the US—which is known to have strong food safety laws—said GMO’s were GRAS, it paved the way for easy approval in Canada as well. Europe also relaxed their stance on GMO’s as a result of the FDA’s lie.

And here’s an interesting twist in the story:  the molecular biologists did it.

These lobbying efforts were not backed by the biotechnology industry, mind you. There was no biotechnology industry at that time. This is a key theme of Steven’s book, because it’s easy to forget that there was a time before the biotechnology industry, and very few know who the leaders of the genetic engineering establishment were, or why the technology was invented in the first place. As much as most of us despise Monsanto for their reprehensible behavior, they could never have implemented their strategy if it weren’t for the prior misbehavior of the molecular biologists.

“The biotechnology industry—as irresponsible as they have been by and large—the main guilt lays at the feet of the mainstream molecular biology establishment; the scientists who were doing the research, getting the grants, and wanting to develop this technology. Most of them had altruistic goals. They thought this was going to be used to cure so many ills in the field of medicine… I think they eventually developed an ‘end justifies the means’ psychology…

But when you have so many highly influential, powerful scientists who are working together to convince the world that genetic engineering is inherently safe, and that the research they’re pursuing is safe, that can be somewhat dangerous. And it turned out being very dangerous for the world, I think.

One of the points made in the book very clearly, is that the burden of proof that was placed on new technologies and new products, which ordinarily requires the developer to substantiate the safety of the new technology and its products, got shifted. It got shifted because of the subterfuge and the fraud, and it was put on the shoulders of the critics, the people who had concerns. There were many good scientists who had concerns, but they were all of a sudden put into the position of, You’ve got to prove they’re dangerous,” and the burden of proving safety was removed.”       

I hope you take some time to read this history because this kind of thing is happening in so many areas of our nation today.  This is late capitalism.  We cannot have a democracy as long as these kinds of events are allowed.  It is crucially important to know that you cannot trust what you are being told, that you have to look deeper–or we are never going to get out of this mess. 

Interesting Information: “New Dietary Guidelines Reverse Recommendations on Cholesterol”

Interesting Information:  February 27, 2015

New Dietary Guidelines Reverse Recommendations on Cholesterol

Thanks to John Nixon for alerting me to the fact that the new 2015 Food Guide (put out by the government) will reverse it’s stand on cholesterol–in that they are saying that DIETARY CHOLESTEROL is not related to heart disease.

Scientists have known the truth of the falseness of the connection between dictates against eating foods rich in dietary cholesterol (a crucial ingredient in the proper functioning of our bodies actually) and heart disease for many decades now.  There never was any science behind this false assumption.  But, belief systems are hard to take down some times–especially when everyone is on a kool-aid bandwagon and just keeps repeating the bad information and refuses to slow down and investigate–even a tiny bit.

Here are two sites for extra reading:  a CNN story that cites a Washington Post article, and a Mercola post.

And, here’s a quote from the Mercola post:

Steve Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, told USA Today:5 “It’s the right decision. We got the dietary guidelines wrong. They’ve been wrong for decades.” This message was echoed in Time Magazine, which recently reported that:

“[I]n the latest review6 of studies that investigated the link between dietary fat and causes of death, researchers say the guidelines got it all wrong. In fact, recommendations to reduce the amount of fat we eat every day should never have been made.”

Low-fat diets saw a real upswing in 1977, but according to research published in the Open Heart journal,7 led by Zoe Harcombe, PhD, there was no scientific basis for the recommendations to cut fat from our diet in the first place.

What’s worse, the processed food industry replaced fat with large amounts of sugar, While Dr. Harcombe shies away from making any recommendation about how much dietary fat might be ideal, she suggests that the take-home message here is to simply “eat real food.”

So, today my wish for you is access to REAL FOOD.

Cholesterol in food not a concern, new report says –

New Dietary Guidelines Reverse Recommendations on Cholesterol.

Interesting Information: “Antiperspirants Can Make You Smell Worse”

Interesting Information:  February 20, 2015

“Antiperspirants Can Make You Smell Worse”

Like many of you, I suspect, I have been using a “natural,” aluminum-free deodorant for well over fifteen years now.  My current brand has been a Tom’s “long-lasting” product.

I’ve never had much body odor.

And I don’t sweat a whole lot, and I’m past the “hot flashes” stage.

So, about two years ago, I began to notice that at night when I woke up, I had really, really strong body odor under my arms.

And, for about two years, I’ve had some off and on swelling of the lymph nodes under my left arm.  (I worked with my local homeopath on this issue.  We’d clear it, but it would come back–especially in the winter.  Think layers of clothes, including lots of wool, and less showers.)

I LOVE sleeping in a cool bedroom with a lot of heavy cover on top.  I’ve been known to crack the bedroom window right at my head when the temps are in the 20s.  I crave the clean, clear, crisp Maine air–as long as there is enough cover.  But, at some point, the cover is too much, and I wake up sweating in my warm cocoon.   And, stinking…

It took me quite a while to connect the dots.  The Tom’s was causing the odor.  And, maybe the swelling.  And it was worse on the left side because I’m right-handed and was likely putting more of the deodorant under my left arm.

I stopped the Tom’s and went back to a very light dusting of some baking soda mixed with a bit of corn starch (which cuts the baking soda’s scratchiness).  I have this mixture in a small glass jar in the bathroom, put two fingers into it, and just lightly dust under my arms.  I don’t think I even have to do it every day…

The odor immediately stopped.

The swelling stopped and is gone.

For good measure, I stopped wearing a bra around the house, too.

(Saw a bit of a story on tv about young women wearing the most constrictive “body shapers” under their clothes and wanted to cry for them.  Back to the Victorian age…  And it all has to do with all this form-fitting clothing today where athletic clothes are now dressed up for every day.)

Within a few days, I got a Mercola post on the importance of our bodies’ surface microbiome and how important it is to good health.  (That’s a great example of synchronicity–which I’ll talk about in another post.) And you can read the Mercola below.  DO READ IT.

In addition, the post discusses the fact that we are washing away our bodies’ first line of defense when we use so many commercial soapy products every day.

For a long time now, when I shower, I don’t use soap.  I might take a loofah product and give my skin a scrub–it seems to like that stimulation.  But I don’t use soap unless I have gotten really dirty outside.

So many of these commercial products have really seriously bad chemicals in them–from cleansers to scent chemicals.  They dry our skin.  They kill the microbiome colonies.  They are just bad for us.  And, apparently, with the deodorant, they are causing odor, not curing it.

When I came back from Charleston on my last trip, I went for a haircut.  My hairdresser said “have you been swimming in a chlorine pool?  Your hair is so, so dry.”  I had been using a commercial shampoo rather than the baking soda/water “shampoo” and vinegar/water “conditioner.”  It took some weeks for my hair to get its gloss and shine back–a gloss and shine on which people comment.  Lesson learned.

Next time you are in a crowd, take a close look at the hair you see.  How many people have dry, lifeless hair?

Here’s a little quote from the Mercola article:

Science is clearly showing that your body’s microbiome plays a major role not just in your health, promoting or warding off skin diseases for example; it can also dramatically alter things like body odor. So, it’s really in your best interest to work with your microbiome, rather than against it. Doing so could help you avoid all sorts of chemical toxins that most people slather on themselves without thinking twice about what it’s doing to their microbiome, or their health.

Antiperspirants Can Make You Smell Worse.

Go through your cosmetic regime.  Read the labels.  Look for the parabens, the chemicals, and get rid of that stuff.  It’s expensive and dangerous.

I use unheated coconut oil as a moisturizer, Burt’s Bees “lipstick” sticks, baking soda/cornstarch deodorant, and a 1 to 4 baking soda/water ratio for shampoo and about the same with vinegar for a rinse.  I also use baking soda and sea salt as a toothpaste.  I “oil pull” coconut oil for teeth and gum health when I slow down to think about it.  If you want more scent, you can go to the essential oils for support.  Young Living oils are great, but you can find good ones in a health food store or a health food section of something like Whole Foods.

Good Luck!


Interesting Information: “10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating”

Interesting Information:  February 15, 2015

10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating

Mercola Web Site Infographic


Shopping and eating gets more difficult every day.  We have to read all the labels, know the food issues, be careful about what we buy, feel sad and frustrated, etc., etc., etc.

It’s all just a mess.

But, here’s a good infographic from the Mercola web site.  At least it simplifies information a little.  Thanks, Julie Monahan for originally posting this information on Facebook.

10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating – Infographic.

Interesting Information: Can People Receiving Live Virus Vaccines Transmit Vaccine Strain Virus to Others?

Interesting Information:  November 9, 2014


Can People Receiving Live Virus Vaccines Transmit Vaccine Strain Virus to Others


I was fuzzy on how live virus vaccines work and what kind of impact they have on humans.

Dr. Mercola’s post today holds some really important information that we all need to understand to make both wise vaccine choices and to begin to make grassroots political choices.  We need to know more about this whole issue because it is very clear that our doctors and our public health officials do not know all the worrisome information about the impact of vaccines on all of us.  And, while we are living in a time when the vaccine noose is being tightened across the nation so that we will soon not have free choice, any real discussion of the whole issue is being shut down, erased, denied, and so forth.  This, folks, is how we got fluoride in our water–and now we can’t get it out easily because too many people are either profiting, or are way out on legal limbs, or do not want to be embarrassed as they recant and admit fluoride in the water is a really, really stupid and harmful practice as fluoride is extremely toxic in all sorts of ways.  Know, too, that some vaccines make the dangers of fluoride pale in comparison.

First, here are the live virus vaccines:  “Among live virus vaccines being used in the U.S. and other countries are measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox (varicella zoster), live virus (nasal spray) flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, and the rotavirus vaccine that’s given to infants for diarrhea.”  I know I’ve read somewhere that polio can be given, also, a live virus vaccine.

Barbara Loe-Fisher is the co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and defending the legal right for everyone to make vaccine choices.

She explains how you can shed live virus in body fluids whether you have a viral infection or have gotten a live attenuated viral vaccine:

“Live attenuated viral vaccines (LAV) that use live viruses try to, in essence, fool your immune system into believing that you’ve come into contact with a real virus, thereby stimulating the antibody response that, theoretically, will protect you,” she says.

“When you get these live viral vaccines, you shed live virus in your body fluids. Just like when you get a viral infection, you shed live virus. That’s how viral infections are transmitted.

Because viruses, unlike bacteria, need a living host… in order to multiply. What these viruses do is they try to disable the immune system and evade immune responses.”

Second, YES, anyone receiving a live virus vaccine can transmit the vaccine strain virus to others.  And, following that, these vaccine strain viruses can and do combine with wild viruses to form…???…whole new forms of viruses--and we have absolutely no idea of the impact of these recombining viruses on humans for either the short or the long term.  NO IDEA.  It’s the perfect illustration of “the law of unintended consequences.”

Do take some time to read this Mercola posting.  We all need to know and understand the information it contains:

Can People Receiving Live Virus Vaccines Transmit Vaccine Strain Virus to Others.