A Fall Sunday in Maine And JP Update

Turkey Tracks: September 4, 2022

A Fall Sunday in Maine and Jackpot Update

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Maine.

Jackpot was dry last night and ate a good breakfast.

It seems like forever, but I’ve only had him since last Saturday afternoon.  That is seven full days counting today.  With very few exceptions, JP has not been out of my sight for these seven days: quiet time in his crate after lunch most days and night-time (when I didn’t sleep next to him on a palette next to his kitchen crate).

This dedicated time has produced amazing results.  He has bonded to me and is my shadow, he knows his name, he comes when called (most of the time) and recognizes my open-palm hand signal to come, he pees outside on command unless he truly does not need to go, he asks to get into my lap for a cuddle and belly rub, he is sometimes asking to go outside if he needs to potty (I take him out frequently and asking to go out means I have to recognize the request when it comes), he can go up and down all the stairs, and he can jump on the downstairs couch but not my bed yet.  I’d say that’s a lot of great achievements.

I am now trying to extend our bedtime to at least 9 pm and eventually our rising to later than 5:30 am.   So last night I took him downstairs after dinner for the first time since last Saturday when he came and showed he was not ready for a room with a rug and a dog bed (which he attacked with biting puppy behavior—I’ve put it away until he gets older).  

He had SUCH a good time playing with his toys downstairs last night.  And all over the house, he sees his reflection in a glass door or window and thinks there is another dog just…there.  He will stand for a long time just staring at the reflection and trying to figure it out.  He has stopped barking and growling at the reflection. (Those symmetrical white slashes on the backs of his ears fascinate me.) 

Eventually, he crashed next to my feet.

We had a really nice walk this morning on my neighbor’s property. We always walk around the edges of this small pond.

There are HUGE bull frogs sunning themselves on that bank you see to the left. JP made his way down there this morning and went nuts over those frogs, who make a big “plop” as they jump into the water. And this was one of those times when he did NOT want to come when called. That’s a training process though, and he is only barely 5 months old.

The humming birds are gone. I’ve taken down the feeders, washed them, and stored them in the garage. This is one of the first fall tasks, signaling the ending of a summer.

The filet bush beans in the cold frame are blooming. Soon I’ll have delicious little filet beans. These plants will make beans until a frost kills them. (The blue flowers are borage, which has just leaned over into the beans. I leave borage if I can as the bees love it.)

So, that’s it for today I think. I’m waiting for a poop to see if JP is improving.

And I’m looking forward to tonight with Jackpot downstairs. Maybe there will be some tv?

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One thought on “A Fall Sunday in Maine And JP Update”

  1. Wonderful news to read and sound like you enjoy your little buddies companionship as much as he likes resting comfortably at your feet. Sweet picture of devotion.

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