Clean and Dry Crate This Morning

September 10, 2022

Clean and Dry Crate This Morning

After a really bad afternoon of lots of diarrhea, I made a Slippery Elm syrup for Jackpot last night and gave it to him with some of the crappy canned industrial crap the vets sent home with me. This morning his crate was DRY and CLEAN.

I almost fainted with joy.

I’ll give it to him 3 more times today—and begin giving him real food, which he really, really needs, at noon—starting with the bone broth, some cooked carrots and winter squash (firms up poop), and some raw chicken I will cook in the broth and whirl into a slurry with the veggies in the food processor.  If that holds, I’ll start giving him bits of the balanced raw food that is right for puppies that is currently living in my freezers. I defrosted a patty I had cut from a whole bag over night.

Jackpot has had too many meds over the past month.  Not avoidable with the hookworms, but now it is time to build him back up. And industrial fake food isn’t capable of that task. If you want to understand more about feeding a dog so they are healthy, THE FOREVER DOG by Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib is the place to go.

After I gave him the second metronidazole antibiotic late yesterday afternoon, in about 30 minutes he went completely NUTS.  Running to the end of the leash—crazy and dangerous—and I’m so glad he didn’t hurt himself.  Or me. I could hardly hold him, and he’s a puppy. And, again, bad diarrhea. BUT, no blood.  It is very clear to me that this drug is NOT good for him.  It’s been overused on him in the last month anyway. I felt like he was telling me that his insides were scalded and hurting.

Here’s a discussion I found online that references recent studies and is written by qualified people.  Among other damages, metronidazole can harm the mucus lining in the gut and kill the “good” gut critters needed for proper health.  It isn’t a good choice for intestinal issues UNLESS sepsis is involved.  It will cause dysbiosis that will to a bad place.

I am so sick of this toxic vet business model with its industrial foods and medicine-based one-size-fits-all solutions and no knowledge of nutrition.  But I need them, so I will check in as planned on Monday and, maybe, quietly, they will see what I see—a dog who is (prayers!!!) over the hump and moving forward without the Metro.

The day went well. JP only pooped twice, and it was the consistency of pudding and not pure diarrhea, and had no blood. He’s hydrated ok too and pees when taken out. But he’s clearly not peppy. I think he is just enjoying maybe not being in pain. And maybe he’s just catching up on his sleep too. Pooping all night and day for days has got to have made him tired.

Here he is, napping in his crate while I ate lunch.

This morning we went for a stroll (and he didn’t poop which was great), ran some errands which included getting some fresh chicken breast for his food, and rested on the downstairs couch for a bit late morning. Then I gave him the Slippery Elm again and made the fresh food for him. He inhaled it, and it has stayed down well.

We both had a long nap—2 hours. Then we had another ride in the car (a trip to the dump). He loves riding in the car.

I’m hoping tonight will be another dry and clean crate night. I am hoping we are over the worst hump and that good food can build him back up again.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

3 thoughts on “Clean and Dry Crate This Morning”

  1. Still praying for you both. Have you considered a probiotic for him? (I’m not trying to tell you what to do – you’re the one there with him and know him)

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