And Here Comes Fall

Jackpot is fine. I let him in the living/dining room this morning, after his now very reliable morning poop and with frequent trips outside to pee if needed. He LOVES having more freedom and the extra space. And I love moving back to the dining room table!!

It is cleaning morning, too. Clean sheets!

Doors to the bedroom and bathroom will remain closed for a bit more time. He can (and has) go upstairs to investigate, but I’m pretty sure he won’t have a pee accident up there as I’m taking him out frequently.

Look what I noticed yesterday:

The maples are turning color.

Our Maine woods are layered with the most beautiful ferns and mosses. With the turning of the seasons, they will turn brown now and be gone very soon. It has been such a pleasure to be out in the woods again as I wasn’t walking in them without the puppy.

The last of the wild flowers are filling hedgerows and road sides: purple and white asters and goldenrod among them.

With some recent rains, it has been a big fall mushroom year, too. Dry weather curtails the mushrooms, so I couldn’t get any decent pictures on our walk yesterday at Erickson’s as the current crop has shattered and dried. But we had a little rain last night, so I’m sure with the wet, we’ll see how the mushrooms can cover the forest floor in places. Mushrooms present with the most amazing colors that include vivid reds, yellow, and purples. They are interesting and beautiful.

It’s a beautiful day! But it is going to be more humid than I like. But a cool, fall spell is coming right along.

Have a great day!

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

6 thoughts on “And Here Comes Fall”

      1. Sure hope so! One comment: I always separated heartworm and Frontline + pesticides by 2 weeks, when I used both.

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