Some Garden Fun

Turkey Tracks: July 9, 2022

Some Garden Fun

The plants along the wood side of my house have bothered me for YEARS. Some were too big for that area and were taking over the windows, especially my kitchen window. I spent way too much time each year whacking them back. And for about 4 years now the viburnum got some sort of deadly disease that reappeared after being cut back to about a foot. Then there was the gorgeous white rhododendrum that the deer attack each winter—going so far this past winter to rip off the protective burlap and to eat all the leaves and buds back to the stems.

My wonderful lawn crew came to mulch two weeks ago, and on our ”walk-around,” I asked it they had the equipment to take out those plants. Leslie didn’t comment really. But I had to run an errand, and when I came back, the plants were all out—using manpower and shovels!!! The rhodo was carefully wrapped in a tarp, and I promptly gave it to Leslie for her garden.

It gets even better. Leslie told me that if I bought plants, they would plant them when they came to finish up with the yearly mulch. This was a Friday, so on Saturday morning I went to Moose Crossing and bought all the plants. Son Bryan and family came on Sunday, and Leslie and crew came back early Monday morning.

And here’s that long bed now.

It’s GORGEOUS! And all filled with deer-resistant plants that will tolerate more shade and will stay below window height.

This hydrangea is new to our area and was pioneered in Japan. The color is gorgeous, but can change with soil acidity. I’ll have to read up on what to add to keep this pretty color. (Hydrangeas do really well in my garden.)

I am still chuckling as I didn’t really want lace-cap hydrangeas—and it was like getting doggie AC Slater as I didn’t want a male or a puppy when I saw his picture online.

The house is all back to ”normal” now, whatever that is—with all the sheets washed, beds remade, and some sturdy cleaning accomplished. Yesterday I mowed, and I stopped to admire the line of cheerful day-lilies along the front porch as they are in full bloom now.

I love that moment when the mowing is done, and the gardens all look so pretty.

I have no container pots this year (except for the oak barrels on the driveway with red geraniums) and only one hanging basket on the upper front deck. It’s dry again, so not having to water so much has provided a lot of freedom to do other things.