Roxanne Wells’ Garden

Turkey Tracks: July 28, 2022

Roxanne Wells’ Garden

Roxanne Wells is a master gardener.

Each year I like to share pictures she sends me of her garden as they are such a treat.

She has two large beds and, of course, smaller beds in other places, along with some planted containers. She lives in Thomaston, which is to the south of Camden, and she is just up a street from the St. George river, so she has a very different habitat in many ways than I do as I’m up on a hill, above Camden and the bay.

Here are some close-ups of this bed. Isn’t that little bird the sweetest little creature.

Two other beds:

That purple astilbe is so pretty next to the stones. And this astilbe color appears again here.

Three summers ago I used this gorgeous petunia in hanging baskets on the front porch. But putting it into this color combination in a container is just awesome. Note how it blends with the day-lily colors to the right. That’s how Roxanne ”sees” plants and colors before they are planted. That’s why she is an artist and a master gardener.

Thank you, Roxanne, for sharing your garden with us.