They Came: They Left Yesterday

Turkey Tracks: July 7, 2022

They Came: They Left Yesterday

And now all the toothbrushes are packed up and are flying home—where for them this idyllic summer will continue with special events.

Last text from DIL Corinne put them on time in Philly and racing for the next flight—which is at the gate and on time.

It was a wonderful visit, a wonderful time to catch up with this awesome family—after two years of not seeing them. Each one in this family is really good.

Three girls—two years apart from 7 to rising 12 years. They ALL sewed with me. Every day was packed with hikes, swimming, sight-seeing, collecting sand dollars and sea glass, picking flowers for vases in the house and for drying in a press, reading, playing cards, and cooking/eating our wonderful Maine food.

Marshall Point lighthouse in Port Clyde.

Hiking—on the way down.

At home.

At the Camden harbor.

At the LLBean boot on the way back to Portland:

I miss them all ready. Of course I do.

And I’m well on the way today to having the house cleaned and all back ”in order.”

We had such pretty days when they were here. It was a gift.