Blooming Progression in the Garden

Turkey Tracks: July 22, 2022

Blooming Progression in the Garden

My garden changes a little every day.

This daylily stunner is now fully open.

The Liatris is fully open now—in this spot and in others. It put itself here and elsewhere.

The hosta blooms are making a sea of lavender all over the garden.

The Cone Flowers (Echinecea) are opening—and I have many colors in the garden. They are hardy and drought resistant.

The Shasta Daisy is blooming. And I planted more in the new little garden next to the raspberries, which are now coming on strongly. I’ll be spending time today picking the ripe berries.

The Ballon flower has opened (Campanula family). It has planted itself around the garden. Mine are all pale, but this plant also comes also in much darker blue/lavender and pink colors.

One of the new landscape roses is putting out more blooms, which means it is happy and rooting well.

AND, here is one of the 10 Whirly gigs I put into the garden to hopefully scare the deer.

The lettuce in the cold frame, which I’ve been eating and sharing since April/May is bolting now. It’s time to pull it and replant with the Masai filet bush beans I love.