Glass Drinking Glass and Glass Straws

Turkey Tracks: July 23, 2022

Glass Drinking Glass and Glass Straws

I had a big plastic glass with a straw that I liked a lot. I used it mostly in the quilt room while sewing.

But it was…PLASTIC, as was the straw. It had a top that kept the straw in place and the glass covered.

As any of you reading this blog for any time know, I’ve been on a mission to NOT use plastic in the kitchen.

About a month ago, on a whim, I looked at the availability of a big glass drinking glass—with a glass straw.

This first one came—in a salmon color. But the straw and top were plastic. So I ordered glass straws.

And I loved the first one so much that I ordered a second one (about $8)—so now I have one on each floor and don’t have to carry the salmon one around everywhere.

Small pleasures these days are so nice.