A Fall Sunday

And here it is already TUESDAY.

Sunday was a nice day though. After lunch I made a trip up to Belfast, our neighboring town to the north, to take JP for a little walk alongside the river and the harbor and to visit the local, excellent Co-op. Raw butter and cream are going missing these days—something is happening to our local raw dairy.

We had a little walk in the big beautiful field next to the water.  It was slow going as EVERY blade of grass has to be sniffed and thoroughly examined.  LOL.  And I let him as he so appreciates a “sniffing” walk. He’s like a vacuum cleaner moving along with his nose on the ground just hoovering up all the new things he smells in his world.

Yesterday was busy too—with two walks, and errands to get various numbers for the new mailbox. AND I made a trip to Rockland to pick up the mail that had been accumulating since Wednesday night—which took an hour to go and return.

But, the mailbox is up as of this morning—and I’ve installed street numbers AND red reflectors, which were not up when I took this picture. The box is too close to the road, but Tom Jackson will just slide the silver pole deeper into the back black pole to move the box back. Right now it is asking for the local baseball-bat wielders to take a shot. The mailbox is smaller than my old box, and I’m not sure how that is going to work out for PO packages. Hopefully they will come up to the house and NOT go to Rockland where they will have to be retrieved.

We got THREE INCHES of rain last night—and more coming off and on today and tonight. JP and I had a lovely woods walk this morning after I got the much-needed haircut at 8 am.

JP dragged this big branch out of a retention basin filled with water on the side of the road. He was so funny dragging it down the road at full speed. And here is he “coming” with joy.

I maybe should have named him “Texas Cowboy” as he is full of fun and mischievous. Note that he comes, but runs wide so I can’t grab his harness. He’s so smart. We’re working on that issue, which is not at all unusual at this stage of puppyness. In the end, he comes. He especially does not like to have to get in the car and go home, which ends all his fun.

Deworming is Thursday again, and the DNA test is in, so we’ll do both of those procedures at the vet Thursday morning. They are better at getting him to happily take pills than I am.

I’ve been able to sew for some days now in the late afternoon after the second walk. I’ve been sewing the last of the Cotton+Steel strips I cut for Churn Dash blocks to make scrappy Churn Dash blocks—and they are so cute. I’m closing in on 50 of them now. And I’m down to a small pile of 3-inch strips, but still more of the 1 3/4 inches strips.

And I’ve been able to watch tv at night after a light supper while JP sleeps next to me on the couch.

So, now, a walk and a check to see if there is any mail in the new mailbox.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

One thought on “A Fall Sunday”

  1. I am so glad JP is settling into his routine with you. Sounds like a sweet companion. And will enjoy seeing your next quilt.

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