Cauliflower Crust Pizza AND Roasting A Golden Cauliflower

Back in August when I was waiting for Jackpot to arrive in Maine, I tried out the cauliflower crust pizza idea I’ve heard about for years. Since I can’t eat gluten, I can’t eat pizza. Sadly. I love pizza.

I think I didn’t add enough egg—and the cauliflower base was still maybe too wet—which another egg would probably have “fixed.” Also, I cooked first before pulsing in my food processor. I had some basil leaves, so that’s what the dark spots are in this “dough.” I added some herbs and garlic as well. One spreads a circle on parchment, bakes at 350 for a bit and then uses the parchment to turn over the slab and bake it on the other side until it is browner. I used TWO sheets of parchment that way. The upper side was too wet to turn over without more parchment help.

I felt like each side baked a long time (30+ minutes) before the crust started to get a little brown.

Here’s the final product—and it was delicious. I ate one half and reheated the other half for supper. It reheated well.

The thinly sliced veggies on top of chicken pieces and with all topped by mozzarella cheese were nicely tender, so that part worked, but I was right at the line between ready and too done.

I will try out this idea one day soon again—and with a dryer base mix and more eggs, I expect a quicker baking time. And maybe I’ll pulse the cauliflower raw before steaming so the mixture can be put in a towel and wrung out.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the online recipes I found. This one does NOT flip the base to cook both sides before adding toppings—and I think one would need to do that.

Yesterday I bought a beautiful golden cauliflower and roasted it today—alongside a baby bok choy sliced and drizzled with cream.

I salted and added some Italian herb mixture and drizzled the cauliflower with some of my Organic Roots olive oil—adding only a tiny bit to the bok choy. I roasted at 400 for 15 minutes and turned everything with a spatula—then added a piece of cooked chicken breast from last night to reheat it. I put some cream on the chicken, too, to keep it moist.

Dinner (the middle of the day) was so lovely on a truly rainy day—and there are leftovers for supper.

I am grateful for the rain. I think my water pressure might have been lower than I like as it has been beautiful, but very dry.

Jackpot had a nice visit to the vet, where he always sees other dogs which makes him so happy. They took blood for his DNA test, and that got mailed this morning. They also gave him his second deworming pill and cut his nails.

I so hope this is the LAST deworming he will need.

He seems to be taking the rainy day in stride. It really is just pouring rain and is a big storm. Maybe we can walk by late afternoon. That would be nice for both of us.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

One thought on “Cauliflower Crust Pizza AND Roasting A Golden Cauliflower”

  1. Praying this is the last time JP needs the wormer! Poor baby! Do you have a Costco near? I have heard their cauliflower pizza crust is really good, although nothing beats home made! Hopefully the remnants of the hurricane will pass by you with no damage and not too much rain.

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