They Came: They Left Yesterday

Turkey Tracks: July 7, 2022

They Came: They Left Yesterday

And now all the toothbrushes are packed up and are flying home—where for them this idyllic summer will continue with special events.

Last text from DIL Corinne put them on time in Philly and racing for the next flight—which is at the gate and on time.

It was a wonderful visit, a wonderful time to catch up with this awesome family—after two years of not seeing them. Each one in this family is really good.

Three girls—two years apart from 7 to rising 12 years. They ALL sewed with me. Every day was packed with hikes, swimming, sight-seeing, collecting sand dollars and sea glass, picking flowers for vases in the house and for drying in a press, reading, playing cards, and cooking/eating our wonderful Maine food.

Marshall Point lighthouse in Port Clyde.

Hiking—on the way down.

At home.

At the Camden harbor.

At the LLBean boot on the way back to Portland:

I miss them all ready. Of course I do.

And I’m well on the way today to having the house cleaned and all back ”in order.”

We had such pretty days when they were here. It was a gift.

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13 thoughts on “They Came: They Left Yesterday”

    1. They did miss AC. I put all his pictures and videos in a file, and they wanted to look at it over and over. I did have pics there of them with AC when they were last here—we missed two whole summers of visits—AC was about 13 months old then.

  1. Louisa / remember your pink/orange 9 patch quilt? Our blog readers play a game called Dirty Dozen and this year I added a color option. July’s color is pink so I’m looking at that quilt of yours. I talk about pets a lot on my blog and I always tell people after the loss of a dog that they should get another dog to love because if you’re a “dog person” you really need a dog to complete your life. I know you miss A.C.

    1. Thank you Mary. I do miss AC. And I find myself looking at dog faces on online rescue places off and on. So far, no magic yet. I knew immediately when I saw “No No Penny” (rat terrier Katrina hurricane rescue who died at 16 years) and AC Slater. “The magic” happened with both those dogs just from their pictures. I’ll be 78 in 2023, so a really active dog might not be the best choice this time. And AC will always be my “forever dog.” But I can give a home to another dog one of these days, but I need the magic to happen. I liked AC’s size a lot—45 pounds—the rat terriers are not entirely safe here where I live—from wild critters. AC was the size of what used to be a standard rat terrier male actually—but now rat terriers have been bred down in size. I also loved AC’s “feist” temperament—active as he was, he was also so much fun. I love your blog. I signed up.

  2. My Hazel is a Jack Russell, about 15 pounds but is very active and has helped me kill many rats in my barn. I just turned 74 and I hesitate to get any young animals as I don’t want them to outlive me. A very nice cat showed up about two weeks ago and I don’t really want him but the shelters are full. I suggested on the blog I might euthanize him because it wasn’t fair that he was just dropped off here. After a HUGE discussion, I guess he’s staying – I’ll bet he’s not even a year old. Ugh. What’s the name of the girls’ blog?

    1. Well, there is the problem of beloved animals outliving us now. Sobering. Not sure what girls’ blog you mean. ???? Ah, yes. Potpourri 3 was all warm blocks using 3 1/2 inch blocks from Cotton+Steel/Ruby Star. I still have a lot of those blocks in colors and neutrals, but am now working on a quilt block using what’s left of the 3-inch strips I cut for all the Churn Dash block quilts. I’m currently working on about my 210th quilt, but if memory serves there was an earlier quilt with more vibrant pinks and oranges. I’ll take a look at my quilt archive to see what is running around in my memory. I love barns. And farms. And it has been such a gift to be back in a semi-rural geography after so many years in a city.

  3. Louisa – I don’t know how to communicate with you – email? Test? Messenger? Did you get the picture I sent of Keeper?

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