Northern Water Snake

Interesting Information: July 17, 2022

Northern Water Snake

This snake is a new one for me.

Friend Betsy Maislen was spending some time at Squam Lake in New Hampshire, where she also sent me a picture of the area from the top of ”Rattlesnake Mountain.”

She said the snake was ”very curious.”

Being mostly raised in the south—which included a lot of fishing around local ponds, I would have had an instant panic attack while thinking cottonmouth moccasin or a swimming??? rattlesnake.

I’m not sure I would have slowed down to process the shape of the head, which is clearly not a viper head.

If you are more curious—as I was. Here’s more information. These snakes can get fairly long.

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One thought on “Northern Water Snake”

  1. These snakes are common here in local streams. We call them black water snakes. The round pupils are very prominent, clearly denoted a non-venomous species.

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